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NEW YORK, June 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – With high-level competition and a growing number of entrepreneurs in almost every industry imaginable, starting a new business can be quite difficult. Without the right knowledge, guidance, and skills, building a business that can turn into a successful business is something most entrepreneurs are unable to accomplish. However, this is where mentoring and coaching play an important role. Leadership mentor, speaker, influencer, Business Coach and founder of Leaderato, Yigal Adato, proposes “Mastering Self-Leadership Skills” Program and several other services for entrepreneurs to succeed and realize their true potential.

Leaderato specializes in helping and coaching entrepreneurs to become better leaders to earn more, stress less and live epic lives. Thanks to Leaderato Mastering Self-Leadership Skills Programs, Motivational mentoring and specialized seminars, they have helped many entrepreneurs reach their true potential and build multi-million dollar businesses.

Leaderato Self-Leadership Skills Mastery Programs and Seminars

Leaderato’s Master the skills of self-leadership The program and seminars guide entrepreneurs on how to run their business and their lives. Their public speaking programs are customized to teach business leaders how to take matters into their own hands, creating the ability to earn more and stress less, while having more time to do what they love.

With their specialized programs and seminars, Leaderato ignites the leader within business owners and teams to become epic leaders who will grow by doing more, stressing less, and having more time through self-leadership skills. It takes the right advice, instructions on changing habits, and a deserving leader to set an example and share it with others. At Leaderato specialized direction programs and seminars, they talk about mastering self-leadership skills and how leadership affects the lives of people and their organizations.

Founder of Leaderato – Yigal Adato

Yigal Adato is a third-generation pawnshop who built a multi-million dollar business and sold it in 2015 to become a full-time coach. Yigal is also the founder and voice of Leaderato. Yigal is a leadership coach and business mentor specializing in helping entrepreneurs become better leaders to earn more, stress less and live epic lives. He is a sought-after speaker and host of several podcasts.

Asked about his famous line, “Epic actions equal epic results”, Yigal explained that after working with hundreds of executives, the key to growing a successful business is when a business owner takes full leadership with a commitment to take epic action with consistency. Yigal is also the creator of “Profit pillars”, A system allowing entrepreneurs to make more profit in their business


Yigal Adato’s a deep passion for business and leadership sparked her dedication to practice, teaching and example. Leaderato and Yigal Adato are on a mission to ignite, educate and guide entrepreneurs on how they can reach their true potential and take their businesses to new heights while increasing their income exponentially.

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