FP Walshe names Nick Housenga for leadership award


Nick Housenga, a grade 12 student, was the FP Walshe School’s nominee for the Dr. Lloyd Cavers Scholarship for Student Leadership.

Nick Housenga has been recognized for the leadership he provided as a student at FP Walshe School.

The FP Walshe School nominated Nick for the prestigious Dr. Lloyd Cavers Student Leadership Scholarship.

“Nick is an extremely diligent student,” wrote Mary Krizan, vice-principal of the FP Walshe School, in the appointment. “Despite his many extracurricular engagements, he maintained an average of over 90 percent throughout high school, culminating with the achievement of being recognized as a major in his class.”

“He has superior work habits and time management skills and effectively balances the many obligations placed on him. “

Each Livingstone Range high school nominates a student for the $ 1,000 Student Leadership Bursary.

The big winner was Nicole Kirkness from Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek.

Nick and the other nominees each receive $ 200.

Nick was on the FP Walshe School Student Leadership Committee as well as the Social Media Committee.

“As part of his commitment to leadership, Nick gave a presentation at the Student Leadership Symposium at the University of Lethbridge in front of hundreds of students,” Krizan noted. “He also serves as president of the Regional Council of Heads of Schools where he has planned and organized a variety of activities, leadership retreats and conferences.

Nick was on the Minister’s Youth Council, giving him the opportunity to share ideas on provincial programs and initiatives.

Nick has also served on the Student Summer Advisory Committee chaired by the Minister of Education and the Youth Advisory Committee for Foothills MP John Barlow.

“When people ask me why I’m a part of leadership, I always say high school is really what you make of it, like any other opportunity,” Nick told Livingstone Range School Board Trustees in a presentation in May. “Leadership is the best way to take ownership of high school. You get a direct influence on your high school experience.

Additionally, Nick is part of the Fort Macleod Community Aquaponic Greenhouse Society.

“Nick takes all his challenges with enthusiasm and works tirelessly to accomplish his many tasks,” added Krizan. “He greatly supports his classmates and always acts as a positive role model. “

“One staff member commented: ‘(Nick) tirelessly gives to many good causes and is incredibly kind and caring. He is both humble and willing to be vulnerable while trying to do difficult things ”.

Nick also played senior men’s volleyball at FP Walshe and was a member of the senior orchestra.

“Not only is he well-liked and respected, but he’s mature beyond his years, which allows him to empathize with others in a way that most students are not yet capable of,” Krizan added. “He conducts himself with class and integrity and is kind and considerate to others.”

At graduation ceremonies on June 12, FP Walshe honored Nick and Esther Oosterwijk as outstanding students of the school with the Danny Van Wyck Memorial Award.

The prize rewards versatile people for their pleasant personality, their exceptional moral character, their compassion and their involvement in school life.

Nick has also received the Town of Fort Macleod Leadership Award, the Farewell Award and several scholarships.

“I am sure Nick will be successful in any business and will greatly benefit any organization he is a part of,” Krizan noted.

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