Global Baptist Women Called to Live Extraordinary Lives


Christian women are meant to lead extraordinary lives with purpose, vocation and courage, Baptist World Alliance Women president told the Baptist Women’s World Virtual Conference.

“It’s never just about us. It’s bigger than that, and your life is meant to touch the lives of others. You were born for great things, ”said Karen Wilson, CEO of Global Leadership Network Australia, at the July 7 conference, scheduled in conjunction with the Baptist World Congress online.

Living extraordinary lives means accepting the call to “be Jesus to everyone we meet,” Wilson told the conference.

“God does not waste a moment when his extraordinary purposes are lived through us,” she said.

Each person has a unique call from God, and as God mobilizes his people for action, each individual must do their part, Wilson said.

“You are right,” she said. “Do not neglect your age, your race, your gender, your situation in life. … [God] needs you for who you are.

God wants each of his children to have an extraordinary heart of mercy, compassion, integrity, courage and faith, she stressed.

“With our hand in his, his heart is now our heart. We are called to come out and walk the path of faith, ”Wilson said. “No matter what we are up against, he will be with us. And his Spirit is in us to give us life, and life in abundance.

Jesus offers restoration, revival and renewal

Jesus offers restoration, revival and renewal, Asha Sanchu from Nagaland, India, an advocate for sexually exploited women and children, told the online world conference.

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Sanchu, executive director of the Miqlac Ministry of the Women’s Department of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council, highlighted Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman as recorded in John 4.

Jesus offers restoration, revival and renewal, said Asha Sanchu of Nagaland, India, an advocate for sexually exploited women and children, at the Baptist Women’s World Conference Online. (Screenshot)

“During the conversation, as the Samaritan woman opened up to Jesus, the broken pieces of her life were woven one by one, even without her realizing it,” said Sanchu.

After Jesus spoke with the woman, offering her the gift of Living Water, her life changed dramatically. A woman who had come to draw water from a well in the heat of the day to avoid contact with others rushed into town, eager to invite people to meet Jesus, she noted.

“His dignity has been restored. She was no longer ashamed or afraid of meeting people, ”said Sanchu.

The Samaritan woman received the gift of new life in Christ, she said.

A woman who had “echoed the city and tried to avoid being seen, became active, lively and happy,” said Sanchu. “She was resurrected and became a new person. When she experienced this renewal, she chose to share with others.

Survivors of sexual exploitation who get to know Christ often feel overwhelmed by their friends who are still on the streets, Sanchu said. They want to reach out to them, but they fear not knowing how to effectively share the word of God with them.

“Just tell them what God has done in your life, and your life itself will be a witness to them,” Sanchu advises women.

“When God resurrects, He uses every part of you to bless and encourage others. “

“Brotherhood heirs to the promises of God”

Jesus came to proclaim “the reign of God and a theology of liberation,” Gina Stewart told virtual conference attendees. And in the kingdom of God, anytime is a good time to bring healing, deliverance and freedom, said Stewart, senior pastor of Christ Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, Tenn.

In the kingdom of God, anytime is a good time to bring healing, deliverance and freedom, said Gina Stewart, senior pastor of Christ Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, Tenn. (Screenshot)

Stewart, who is also a visiting professor of practical theology at the Samuel D. Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University and senior vice president of the Foreign Missions Convention Lott Carey, preached from Luke 13: 10-17.

The passage describes how Jesus healed a woman in the synagogue who suffered from an infirmity for 18 years, drawing contempt from the synagogue head because Jesus healed on the Sabbath day. Jesus denounced the hypocrisy of the religious leader and called the woman “a daughter of Abraham”.

“Everyone knew that women were not Abraham’s heirs like men were. But Jesus called this unnamed woman a daughter of Abraham, ”said Stewart.

Jesus delivered a revolutionary message about “how men and women are to behave as joint heirs of God’s promises,” she said.

“To call her daughter of Abraham is to make her a full member of the nation of Israel with equal status before God, which gives her certain rights and privileges. What Jesus was really saying was that this woman who had stooped for 18 years has the right to be healed, delivered and set free because she is a daughter of Abraham, ”said Stewart.

Like the woman who was healed on the Sabbath day, every Christian woman finds her deliverance and freedom on the basis of her status as a beloved child of God, she asserted.

“When Jesus called this woman Abraham’s daughter, he gave her an identity that was greater than her burdens. It is this identity that gave him hope after these 18 years of suffering. It was the identity of being a child of one’s Father,… the identity of being the apple of God’s eye, ”said Stewart.

“Our burdens don’t have to define the limits of who we are. Our adversity is not our identity. Our condition is not our conclusion. Our situation is not our termination. And what we’ve been through is not necessarily who we are. We are children of God, daughters of Abraham empowered to stand upright and live free for the glory of God.

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