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KAMPALA – The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown have led to the collapse of a number of micro-businesses, failing to adapt to e-commerce.

One of the biggest bottlenecks these companies realize is the lack of digital skills among their owners, but they have now become as important as financial management skills given the COVID-19 standard operating procedures of social distancing and working from home.

Noting the gap, however, Computing Palace Technologies, an information and communications technology (ICT) company specializing in software development, was right to start imparting digital skills to small business owners. to enable them to use online channels to market and sell their products.

“We noticed that many companies had not adopted as much social media and other digital platforms for doing business. But after having a session with them and showing them how their businesses can grow, they started to embrace the idea. Unfortunately, some companies were already dead, ”says Felix Balitumye, team leader at Computing Palace Technologies.

“We understand that the main driver of financial inclusion is technology; so when we saw this gap in digital literacy, we decided that was one of the things we should be focusing on this season.

Balitumye adds that the company has also set up an e-learning portal, a self-learning platform that can be accessed to learn more about financial management and digital skills.

This innovation is one of the latest from Computing Palace Technologies, which offers a range of ICT services including software development, financial product development, website design and hosting, ICT consulting, training internship and personalized ICT training.

Over the years, the company has developed various management systems including Sacco management, schools management, hospital management and church management systems, among others to enable them to operate more efficiently.

To further support the company’s survival, Balitumye says the company will soon be launching “Her Duuka”, a web platform that will allow women to publish and sell their products online.

“We are not only teaching these women digital skills, we are also empowering them to adapt by selling their products online. Anyone who will be authorized to create an account on this platform must have been trained, ”he explains.

It will also help boost financial inclusion, as women business owners will only receive their payments through mobile money.

While the platform will initially be free to all women, Balitumye says they might consider charging a small subscription in the future for sustainability purposes.

Computing Palace Technologies is one of the participants in the second edition of the 40-days-40-FinTechs initiative, organized by HiPipo as part of its Include EveryOne program, in partnership with Crosslake Tech, ModusBox and Mojaloop.

Balitumye congratulated HiPipo for this initiative, saying that it has opened its doors to new partnerships and also broadened its perspective towards financial inclusion and interoperability which has been incorporated into the development of its systems.

Being a gender-focused company, however, Balitumye says there is a need for more collaboration and support to close the current gender gap in the fintech industry.

HiPipo CEO Innocent Kawooya hints that the second edition of the 40-Days 40 FinTechs will showcase the best of the multitude of solutions and products one can think of in the digital space.

“We expect showcases of innovations and brands operating in this space and also take this opportunity to learn, at no cost, from probably the most knowledgeable group of global FinTech experts who are all expected to present this year.” , did he declare.

Kawooya adds that FinTech in Africa offers attractive opportunities and that investors are rightly interested in the various startups that offer a plethora of services, ranging from payments and loans, remittances, cross-border transfers and neobanks, among others.


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