KLAIM Launches Medical Financing Solution for UAE Healthcare Providers


KLAIM, a healthcare technology platform, has just launched its new medical financing solution for healthcare providers in the United Arab Emirates. Designed specifically for healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and laboratories, the company claims it is the first solution of its kind in the MENA region.

The KLAIM Health Receivables Purchase is a financial plan that solves cash flow issues resulting from unpaid insurance claims. With access to advanced healthcare analytics, the solution enables healthcare providers to receive upfront payments for some of their claims within 48 hours, without waiting for their insurance companies to pay them.

Karim Dakki, Founder and CEO of KLAIM, said they identified the problem and created this new funding solution to give these healthcare providers access to the money that will allow them to hire the best professionals. , to run operations smoothly, to purchase better equipment and ultimately to deliver a better quality of health care.

One of KLAIM’s main areas of intervention are small health clinics so that they can operate easily and offer the best service.

According to Vlad Chernyaev, the marketing director of KLAIM, the company buys overdue medical claims from healthcare providers and donates money to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in less than seven days. He added: “Healthcare providers no longer need to wait 60 to 120 days for insurance companies to pay them overdue amounts. We are giving power and control back to health care providers. “

The company has already signed an agreement with Doctors Clinic and Diagnostic Center (DCDC) in Healthcare City to resolve their medical claims payment issues and has already been in advanced discussions since the service launched in early July. Like many other healthcare providers in the region, DCDC was in dire straits due to late payments from insurance companies. This affected their performance as a lot of time was wasted tracking payments. A robust solution to this problem like this new service from KLAIM was essential for them to fully focus on providing quality health services.

In addition to DCDC, KLAIM now works with Dar Al Shifaa Hospital, Al Ain Pharmacies, Smile Dental Clinics, Amrita Medical Center and 40 others. The company operates in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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