Revive Learning & Wellness launches the “Reviving Athena” movement


How organizations can help end the timeless war on authoritarian women.

Dalisia Coppersmith, Founder of REVIVE Learning & Wellness, recently launched “Reviving Athena” – a movement to end the centuries-old silent war on assertive and successful women. The goal is simple, yet daunting: to inspire organizations, communities and families to embrace the talents and leadership of women whose wisdom and strengths can transform the world.

Regardless of their position or income, too many assertive women still experience interpersonal resistance that blocks their relationships and careers. We first rely on their strength and courage, then suddenly criticized and felt for their style.

Most have heard this before … “The problem isn’t what you say, it’s HOW YOU SAY IT.”

Or even better … “You intimidate people. Maybe if you soften your approach a bit… ”

And a personal favorite … “If you were just a little less blunt …”

Even those who are making incredible strides in their self-awareness and interpersonal skills are not immune. The silent resentment of strong women is still alive and well despite all the social media and education that would indicate equality has been achieved.

The Reviving Athena movement seeks to support the personal and professional growth of women, as well as to educate their organizations and communities on the hard-wired responses and the subconscious and toxic expectations that silence the contributions of millions of women in all fields of life. life. If a business can catch up before losing another natural leader, everyone wins.

Whether or not she succeeds in ending the war on strong women, Dalisia intends to help others navigate their way so that they can unleash their talent in the world without destroying their relationships, damaging their career or themselves. She admits that she can’t do it alone. This effort needs an army of women helping each other and allies (men) opening up and changing their own thinking and behaviors that contribute to the dynamics.

The new website will soon launch at and feature articles, courses, blog, and event information. Those interested can also join the private Reviving Athena Facebook group or go with the flow. @ and @revivingathena

Revive Learning & Wellness also offers courses, coaching and retreats for their members and clients, including diversity conferences and events for organizations.

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