What We Do in the Shadows Season 3 is gearing up for Colin Robinson’s 100th birthday


A first trailer has revealed that the vampires of Staten Island now represent the Tri-State region on the Vampiric Council. WWDITS Season 2 ended with the massacre of almost everyone in leadership roles, so the seats had to be filled. The second rule of vampiric leadership is to keep the donkeys in the seats, the first being “don’t kill the vampires,” so choosing these four might seem like a serious clerical error. This is something far below the salary of the leeches, and obviously an HR issue. That Dilbert-looking guy in the basement apartment is the closest the newly appointed bureaucrats have to a human.

“Colin Robinson is very happy to be the secretary and to take the minutes, which is the most boring job in any organization,” WWDITS executive producer and writer Paul Simms told reporters at the TCA. Nandor and Nadja differ on executive motions, but serve. Laszlo “didn’t become a vampire to be a paper pusher and doesn’t give a damn about official vampire organizations,” according to Simms. But he spends a lot of time in the Vampiric Council library. While he usually surfs old and archaic porn there, he’s also very helpful for Colin.

Colin spends a lot of time in the library during Season 3. It is the greatest repository of underworld wisdom in this United States and all other United States, with the accumulated wisdom of the greatest minds. and the most depraved that history has ever seen. The library has entire floors of shelves filled with books and manuscripts about traditional vampires from all cultures. It barely contains a brochure on alternative lifestyles.

“He’s sort of trying to figure out where he’s coming from and where he’s going,” said Proksch. “And there just isn’t a lot of information about energy vampires. And so it’s kind of an unsuccessful journey. But I will say that there is a pretty huge twist for Colin Robinson in the last episode which celebrates his hundredth birthday.

Colin is going to turn a century this season, but energy vampires rarely have a happy birthday. They are not as nutritious as more emotional celebrations, like funerals and disaster memorials held far too early.

But for now, Colin Robinson is quite happy to celebrate “Hump Day”. Even though he’s more of the “what’s in a hurry to get over the hump” type of guy. FX shared another Dear Diary teaser, filled with puns, the most exhausting of all the comedic arts.

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