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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP) – Islamic extremist groups claim responsibility for a series of deadly bombings against Taliban fighters in eastern Afghanistan, the country’s new Taliban rulers and their many years .

A series of explosions hit a Taliban vehicle in the Afghan provincial town of Jalalabad over the weekend, killing eight people, including Taliban fighters. On Monday, three more explosions occurred in the city, where ISIS is based, with unidentified reports of additional casualties by the Taliban.

The Taliban are under pressure to contain IS militants, in part to fulfill their commitment to the international community to prevent the establishment of terrorist attacks from Afghan soil. Even among Afghans weary of the conflict, the new leader is generally expected to regain at least some security, despite fears and concerns about the Taliban.

“I thought peace would come because the Taliban came,” said Fedamohamad, brother of an 18-year-old rickshaw driver who was killed in one of Sunday’s blasts along with his 10-year-old cousin.

“But there is neither peace nor security. I hear nothing but the news that the bomb killed him, ”Mohammad said in a family home where relatives and neighbors gathered for a memorial ceremony, drinking tea and a Koran. Quote the poem.

The latest IS bombings come when the Taliban are faced with the daunting task of ruling a country shattered by the 40 Years War. The economy is in freefall, the health care system is on the verge of collapse, and thousands of nationally trained elites have fled. International aid groups predict drought, hunger and worsening poverty.

“Our misery has come to a head,” Jalalabad trader Abdullah said on Monday in the wake of ISIS’s claim of the bombing that rocked the city two days ago.

“People don’t have jobs, people sell rugs to buy flour… there is always an explosion, and (IS) claims an attack,” says one name, as do many Afghans. said Abdallah.

The weekend bomb explosion was a reminder of the threat posed by militants. Just a few weeks ago, when U.S. and foreign troops completed their withdrawal from the country and their desperate airlift, the ISIS suicide bomber was one of the deadliest attacks in Afghanistan in years, in l exterior of Kabul International Airport. Targeted US evacuation efforts. The explosion killed 169 Afghans and 13 US servicemen.

The incident raises fears of further violence as IS militants exploit the Taliban government’s excessive vulnerability to major security concerns and economic collapse.

“They are making a very spectacular comeback,” Ibrahim Weiss, consultant and independent research analyst for the International Crisis Group, said of Islamic State. “There can be long-term struggles between groups. ”

So far, Afghan ISIS affiliates have avoided attacks on the west and maintained a local focus, but that could potentially change, Vice said.

The focus of the Afghan ISIS affiliates is different from that of the Taliban, who took control of the country days before the withdrawal of US troops last month. As the Taliban have fought to establish themselves in Afghanistan, the IS wing aims to incorporate the nation’s gang into a larger self-proclaimed caliphate, or Islamic empire, across the Middle East.

The franchise consists primarily of Pakistani militants pushed across borders by military operations, a world against non-Islamic men months after the group’s main fighters swept through Syria and Iraq in the summer of 2014. First accepted ISIS’s call for jihad.

The Taliban and IS are enemies of the oath, though they share hostility towards the US military and a harsh interpretation of Sunni Islam. Just as the Taliban fought allied US forces in the long war in Afghanistan, the group also launched successful attacks to expel IS militants from their outlying areas in the north and east of the country, sometimes backed by the United States and the United States. With the support of the Afghan government.

Despite years of US airstrikes and other military retreats reducing ISIS ranks, the United Nations this year said the group remained “active and dangerous” for Afghanistan and the region at large. Reported as a threat. Affiliates have launched some of the country’s most brutal attacks in recent years on schools, mosques and even maternity hospitals, mainly targeting the Shiite minority.

Affiliates are increasingly attracting extremist Taliban defectors and foreign activists who are disappointed in what they see as being too moderate from the Taliban. The New York-based Sufan Center said in an analysis Monday that the franchise “brings one of the most serious risks to the future Taliban division … calling on the group to come together to act as a major spoiler in Afghanistan. As the power struggle between pragmatists and ideologies within the Taliban leadership intensified, the IS wing intensified its recruitment efforts.

So far, the Taliban army has far outstripped ISIS militants, and experts suspect militant groups pose an existential threat to Afghanistan’s new rulers. But if the bombing continues, “it could be a big problem,” said Franz Marty, a researcher at the Swiss Institute of International Affairs based in Kabul.

“It affects people’s perceptions. If the Taliban do not keep their promise to secure the country, it could change the flow of public opinion towards them in the east, ”he said. ..

Despite the concerns of the people of Jalalabad, genital security has improved considerably elsewhere, including in the capital Kabul. Before the Taliban takeover, Kabul was plagued by an upsurge in crime and many residents were afraid to leave their homes after dark.

But in Jalalabad, the sadness of a 10-year-old boy who was killed in an explosion on Sunday described the recent attack as a bad omen.

“We live in poverty and we are not safe,” Zarif Khan said. “Today my son died. Tomorrow, the sons of others will die.


Fayez reported from Istanbul.

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