Labor Conference 2021: Sir Keir Starmer sees party rule reforms adopted despite another day of criticism | Politics News


Sir Keir Starmer saw his reform of the Labor rules approved by the party conference in Brighton despite another day of opponents continuing to fight the changes.

In a vote at the Labor rally in Brighton, Sir Keir’s overhaul of how the party elects future leaders was passed by 53.67% to 46.33%.

But the victory for Sir Keir and his allies only came after watering down their initial plans and as a battle over reforms continued to eclipse the first two days of the Labor conference.

As part of the reforms, MPs will now have to gain the support of 20% of their colleagues (up from 10%) before becoming an official candidate in a Labor leadership race.

Sir Keir’s reforms have also made it more difficult to deselect current Labor MPs, by raising the threshold for triggering a selection competition.

Although he initially hoped for broader reforms, the changes Sir Keir managed to get approved represent a departure from the system that saw Jeremy Corbyn twice elected Labor leader.

Critics have accused Sir Keir of overseeing an attempt to exclude Labor members and his left wing from future leadership elections, with Mr Corbyn’s allies urging conference attendees to reject the leader’s plans before Sunday’s vote.

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