Illinois man wins Quad Cities Marathon after two leaders take the wrong road – NBC Chicago



An Illinois man unexpectedly won the Quad Cities Marathon this weekend when the two Kenyan runners who had far passed him were disqualified after being turned off the course by a volunteer cyclist from the race.

Tyler Pence crossed the finish line in 2 hours, 15 minutes, 6 seconds to become the first American rider since 2001 to win the race through the Quad Cities along the Mississippi River in Illinois and Iowa. Pence, the University of Illinois-Springfield track and cross country coach, recorded his fastest time of all time with the victory and took home the top prize of $ 3,000.

Pence’s victory came after Elijah Mwangangi Saolo and Luke Kibet turned off the course just over halfway through the finish line when the rider leading them mistakenly went straight when he should have turned , reported the Quad-City Times.

Race director Joe Moreno confirmed the rider was in the wrong direction but said both riders should have known not to follow him as well.

“At this intersection where this incident happened, the course was well marked,” said Moreno. “The signage is well posted. The volunteers are there. And the fourth element is that these elite runners have a meeting the day before to familiarize themselves with the course.”

Saolo – the Kenyan grandson who ruled the great Joseph Nzau – was at an almost record pace before the crash. He trained in New Mexico and tried to raise enough money to stay in the United States with his wife and two children.

Moreno said the race plans to find a way to compensate Saolo and Kibet.


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