Questioning a proven leadership style, isolated from the opinion of the workers, is “worrying”: Khurshid: The Tribune India


New Delhi, October 1

With P Chidambaram expressing his helplessness over the lack of “meaningful conversations” within Congress, his party colleague Salman Khurshid said on Friday he hoped the talks the former finance minister spoke of could have been led by him and called for a dialogue between the leaders of the holiday.

In an apparent blow to the leaders of the “Group of 23” and Kapil Sibal’s remarks questioning the functioning of the party amid a raging feud in Congress, Khurshid, known to be close to the Gandhi family, said the questioning time had tested the style and substance of leadership regardless of popular opinion prevailing among ground-level workers, despite the strong opinion of various leaders, is “of great concern.”

Weighing in on internal wrangling within Congress over Navjot Singh Sidhu’s resignation as the party’s unit leader in the Punjab, Khurshid, in a lengthy Facebook post, said “as we have seen” a glimmer of hope in the appointment of the new chief minister of the Punjab “things got out of hand”.

“The new order cleverly carved out of the crisis of confidence on several levels was challenged from within before the images of bonhomie were outdated in terms of hours, not days. We continue to hope and pray that the disagreements will be resolved in the interest of the party that deserves to win another term, ”he said, referring to the developments in Punjab.

The former Union minister also expressed his views on the protests outside Sibal’s house after calling for an immediate meeting of the Congressional Working Committee (CWC) and wondering who in the party made decisions in the absence of a full-time president.

In his post, Khurshid highlighted Chidambaram’s tweet in which he expressed his pain and helplessness over the protests outside Sibal’s house.

“I feel helpless when we cannot engage in meaningful conversations in party forums. I also feel hurt and helpless when I see pictures of members of Congress waving slogans outside the residence of a colleague and MP, ”Chidambaram tweeted Thursday.

The refuge to which one can retreat seems to be silence, he had said.

One can’t help but notice the sadness and helplessness of Chidambaram’s tweet, not the type who runs out of ideas and expression in the most difficult situations, Khurshid said.

“I had indeed hoped that the conversations he is talking about could have been led by him. Anyway, and without losing hope, we must sympathize with his rejection of the way of protesting which welcomed certain statements that the demonstrators found unsavory. But to forgive my reiteration, these are once again pigeons coming home to roost, ”said Khurshid.

“Good or bad, in the past we have encouraged or tolerated certain behaviors now described as hooliganism as opposed to sycophantic behavior,” he said.

“But of course Mr. Chidambaram let us all talk, not just talk but talk with each other,” Khurshid added.

Speaking to Chidambaram, Khurshid said it would not serve to seek silence and certainly not by someone eloquent and intellectual like yours.

“However, it would be fair for us to speak with young workers who expressed their anger in a seemingly unseemly way, but as I said, frequently tolerated or encouraged when we were not the targets,” he said. -he declares.

Khurshid curiously said that the prevailing norm in national politics seems to be that unless such a manifestation of concern is expressed publicly, political entities are dismissed as ineffective and invisible.

“If we are concerned about fixing decision making in our party, we can certainly correct communications with ordinary workers. They are the ones who made us who we are. Without them, we are just names. Maybe they, if they are encouraged to speak up, will tell us that we are the mistakes. In other words, there may be a lot to say about other party members, but maybe we also need to reflect a bit on ourselves, ”he said.

At this time of “trials and tribulations,” Khurshid said, the overarching obligation of Congressional leaders is to restore confidence in ourselves and one another.

“Our leaders have led us together and for decades together we have ensured that we have the comfort of being in power. They believe that they derive their strength and power from thousands of workers and ordinary people. Today, they face the crisis with confidence because at the end of the day it is the dedication of the workers that sustains them, ”he said.

Congress is a way of life and a matter of faith for millions of workers, he said.

“If there is a feeling in some people that the way of life needs to change, they must take into account those who do not wish to leave the path indicated to them by their ancestors. We hope to find the end of the rainbow along this same road. What conversation can we have with those who can no longer see the colors of the rainbow, ”Khurshid said. – PTI

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