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Robert S. May to Linda K. Weikart, home on North Cross Street; $ 5,000

Robert S. May to James A. Fox, home on North Cross Street; $ 5,000

Robert S. May to Matthew K. May, home on North Cross Street; $ 92,000

Jodi K. Bontempt-Dean at Taylor Nicole and Isaac Daniel Jornigan, home on North Middle Street; $ 90,000

Edward J. Shuttleworth at Deborah Ann Francosky, condo on Timberline Drive; 0

Shiqun Wang in Gary S and April L Mang, home on Firestone Avenue; $ 120,000

Firestone Homestead LLC to Conscious3 Investments LLC, 0.277 acre residential land on Canterbury Court; $ 43,000

Timothy L Dickey to James D Goppert, home on Lakeview Drive; $ 133,300

Dale E Wenger at WSST Holdings LLC, two-family home on West Woodland Avenue; $ 65,000

Jerald A Dattilio Jr. to Michel R and Lauren McAndrew, at their home on Hawkins Lane; $ 270,000

Liverpool East

Phyllis G. Hughes at Brian Decoy, home on Avondale Street; $ 35,000

Phyllis G. Ambrose to Brian Decoy, home on Morton Street; $ 20,000

Federal mortgage loan to Kiran Mangesh Khedikar, house on Blakeley Street; $ 22,944

Anneliese Barnhart to Andrew Barnhart, home on Spring Grove Avenue; 0

Mark S. and Eva K. Shields at Dalton L. Walsh, home on Oakland Avenue; 0

Shane E. and Danielle Timmons at Kylie J. Dietz at her home on Idaho Avenue; $ 134,900

Kay H. Ryan to Michael S. and Alexandra Davis, House and Other Residential Structures on St. Clair Avenue; $ 100,000

Robert K and Marjorie R Burson to Marjorie R Burson, home on Globe Street; 0

Theodore W. Farnsworth to Amanda Kiger, home on Center Street; $ 16,000

Connie J. Krafft to Larry M. Davis, home on Garner Avenue; $ 25,000

Joanie Woodward at Jeffrey Gallo, home on Huston Avenue; $ 12,000

TLP Properties LLC at Daniel Gray, home on Oakwood Avenue; $ 108,000

John W Seevers at Beechwood Free Methodist Church, home on Center Street; 0

Kellie Jean Greathouse at Bobby E and Wanda M Roush, land on St. George St .; $ 1,000

Barbara M Nelson to Bobby E and Wanda M Roush, land on St. George Street; $ 1,000

MT JC Inc in Harrison Hoppel, a two-family home on Fourth Street; $ 70,000

Tyrone Golding at Warren Broadsword, at Prospect Street; $ 3,000

Eastern Palestine

Anna K. Anderson to John A. Crawford, home on East North Avenue; $ 108,500

Doris J. Lynn at Ryan Sell, home on Sumner Street; $ 135,000

Kyler Schiele to Kyler Rae Thompson, home on Brookdale Avenue; 0

Beth A Holisky to Angie M Libert, home on Martin Street; $ 90,000

William S George to Marie B Bowser, home on Alice Street; $ 160,000

Township of Elkrun

Mary Jane Jones to Christopher P Jones, 18.2 acres of farmland on Bell Road; 0

Willie B and Betty Sturgeon (administrator) at Eddie Michael Sturgeon et al, 63.2 acres on Dutchtown School Road

Township of Fairfield

Terry J. Mellott Jr. in Joshua and Jill Burton, home on National Highway 164; $ 264,000

Jenna Dailey and Tanna Fetty at Clint D. and Cheryl A. Emelo, at their home on Woodville Drive; 0

Holden Rhodes to Mary Ann DiCello, .95 acres on Crestview Road; $ 20,000

Sherry L Atkinson to Todd Harold and Rebecca Barnes, home on Columbiana Waterford Road; $ 255,000

Canton of Hanover

Weddell Revocable Living Trust to William Eric Cook, home on Camp Boulevard; $ 122,500

Bangor LLC to Williams Solar Holdco LLC, 100.9 acres of farmland on Tunnell Hill Road; $ 958,740

Richard J and Laurie E Fast at Timothy E Mayle, mobile home on Lakeview Street; $ 160,600

Township of Knox

Laurie S. Huffman at David A. and Linda K. Garner, home on Bayview Drive; $ 130,000

Matthew M. Tafe to Brandi M. Hoops at his home on Rainbow Lane Circle; $ 169,900


Brian N. Cross to Steven Pegg, home on Elm Street; $ 31,000

Benjamin J and Kelly M Cope in Hayden and Sylvie Zumwalt, at their home on Elm Street; $ 225,000

Loren R. Coler Sr. to Rachel Anne and Joshua Garcia, home on Columbia Street; $ 130,000

Shirley M Holt at JRE Enterprises LLC, 7 acres of vacant commercial land on Columbia Street; $ 25,000

Kimberly S Reash to Robert K Hendricks (administrator), home on Pine Street; $ 110,000

GLG # 2 LLC to GDT Real Estate LLC, a full-service bank (Farmers National Bank); $ 15,000

Robert K Hendricks (administrator) at Amy Russell, condo on Chestnut Street; $ 92,228


Thomas and Deborah Derby at Coltan Moore, home on West Washington Street; $ 115,000

William E. and Geraldine L. Stanley to Nancy Jugenheimer (successor director), home on Lincoln Avenue; 0

Nancy Jugenheimer (successor director) to Curtis C. Gearhart, home on Licoln Avenue; $ 105,000

Matthew B and Brooke M Simmons at John Emmett Evancho Jr., home on Chestnut Street; $ 136,000

Canton of Liverpool

Howard L. Merriman in Kimberly D. and David P. Willey, home on Anderson Boulevard; 0

Virginia A. Tice Trust to Mark T. and Juli A. Tice, 27.7 acres of farmland on Shadyside Avenue; $ 54,000

Daniel Pratt and Donna Davis et al to Daniel Pratt and Donna Davis et al, 65.2 acres of farmland and 10.9 acres of residential land on Dairy Lane, Christian Place and Homestead Drive; $ 3,319

Robert L and Margaret I Erwin to Jeffrey and Brooke Wright, 7.86 acres of land on Myler Road; $ 25,000

Stephen and Judith Vitko to Christopher McHenry, home on Park Boulevard; $ 18,000

Township of Madison

Calvin Carney at Bill Mundy, Carney Gas Service on National Highway 518; 0

Township of Middleton

Gary O and Brian L Bable to Jeffrey Elmer and Lura Elizabeth Feezle Jr., mobile home on Pioneer Road; $ 60,000

George A and Carolyn Mitchell at Phillip W Rimoldi, land on Yuma Trail; $ 1,500

New Waterford

Bonnie Unger to Bonnie Unger et al, home on Main Street; $ 11,667

Township of Perry

Salem Congregation of Jehovah at Cruzrydar Learning Academy LLC, church and land on State Boulevard; $ 144,500

Franklin and Virginia Gall (directors) at Carolyn Hippley, condo on Canterbury Lane; $ 75,000

Warren Ford II to Daniel R. and Carol L. Eriksen, at their home in Devonshire; $ 177,500

Connie S. Whinnery at Rachel Flickinger, condo on Somerset Drive; $ 103,000

Richard J and Laurie E Fast at Raco Properties LLC, commercial garages on West State Street (Little Red Hen and Muffler Man); $ 343,750

Seacrist Properties LLC to Jordan R Morelli and Blake Sudol, home on Pine Lake Road; $ 185,000


Amy L. Henley at Rober M. and Marcie A. Green, condo on Lincoln Avenue; $ 76,000

Kathy L. Biser to Karen L. Lewis, home on Deming Street; $ 92,500

Carolyn D. Hippley to Frederick Alan McLaughlin, home on Franklin Avenue; $ 140,000

James C. McGuire to Jack and Kyla Blystone, at their home on Lincoln Aveneu; $ 126,000

Jay E. and Pamela G. Herron at Rebecca Phillips, home on Newgarden Avenue; $ 33,750

Channing W. Hank to Erin E. Helmick and Michelle Schultz, home on West Sixteenth Street; $ 120,000

Graybeal Development LLC in Cody Pfouts, home on West Pershing Street; $ 91,000

Janel M. Anderson to Dawn Kristen Howe, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $ 119,900

S&G Property Management LLC at 672 Lincoln Avenue North-Salem LLC, three-family home on Lincoln Avenue; $ 70,000

S&G Property Management LLC at 385 Lincoln Avenue South-Salem LLC, three-family home on Lincoln Avenue; $ 70,000

Randall E and Deniese R Crihfield to Joseph Nuzzo, home on East Third Street; $ 111,900

Corey A and Debra L Ketchum at Jenna Lyons, home on Union Avenue; $ 130,000

Canton of Sainte-Claire

Michael J. and Robin G. Pusateri Jr. at Greg King, home on Strader Road; $ 600,000

David W. Trotter et al to Paul Andrew Trotter, 14.6 acres on Trotter Lane; $ 460,000

John M. Bowers to Joshua D. and Ali D. Crozall, home on Birch Road; $ 169,900

Flave Daily at Diance Ptacnik, condo on Sprucevale Road; 0

David W Trotter et al at Bradley T and Michele A Gilson, 26.5 acres of farmland; $ 222,302

Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher J Hudson, home on Samuel Street; 0

Canton of Unity

Brennen and Cheryl Harvey to Ruby Stiles at her home on Tumber Run Street; $ 183,000

Sandra S Hardcastle (administrator) at Brandon W and Nadia Jenko, 4.5 acre home on National Road 14; $ 370,000

Township of Washington

Casey Gregg in Bryan E. Anderson, home on Clarks Mill Road; $ 93,000

Gerald and Nancy Thomas at Nancy J. Thomas, home and 7.2 acres on East End Road; 0


Donna L. Balser at PHH Mortgage Corporation, home on Center Street; $ 16,000

Marsha J. and William C. Collins at Cavan Lemasters, home on Fifteenth Street $ 67,500

Christina M. Allmon and Steven G. Saracco to Steven G. Saracco, home on Clover Street; $ 29,800

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition from Paul M. Wright, house on Broadway and other residential structures on Commerce; $ 21,500

West Canton

Kimberly L. Kennedy to Michael Perricellia, 5 acres on Glasgow Road; $ 15,000

Township of Yellow Creek

Stephen F. Betz et al to Heather Michael-Paul Betz, home on Brandon Drive; $ 137,000

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