“No secret” this fall “is my favorite time of the year”


It’s not a secret. This is my favorite time of the year. Those cool fall nights and hot days give me so much energy to face the day.

Could it have been a more perfect day for the Johnny Appleseed Festival? It was so great to see so many of you that I haven’t seen in a while. Kathy DiRusso and her team dyed my hair pink, which if I’m in the sun I think there’s still a little pink tint left. There were First Baptist Church apple chips and ice cream that people have been waiting for all year round. And there were so many options for lunch that I could have kept eating all day! I guess you can tell where my priorities were that day – food! All of the salespeople report that they made great sales and met so many people. But as I looked around throughout the day, one thing was clear. Everyone was having fun. Grandparents with their grandchildren enjoying the music, whole families sitting having ice cream together, and friends reuniting after a long separation. That’s what Leominster is. A big thank you to everyone who made this day so special.

Last week we lost one of our Leominster legends, Jimmy LeBlanc. After spending years at Fosta-Tek, Jimmy pursued his lifelong passion: emergency management. Perhaps one of the most important initiatives he has taken has been the establishment and implementation of a process for assisting people in the event of a fire. From showing up during the fire to getting people to a safe place, to coordinating short and long term resources, Jim and his team were there every time to help until people got back on their feet. . And Jimmy was leading pandemic training long before we even heard of a pandemic. His help in coordinating immunization clinics, testing tents and distributing food to children during distance learning has helped thousands of people. Never a complaint, always a smile. It was Jimmy. He will be missed and our hearts go out to his family and extended family in emergency management.

Leominster is a special place with all you need for it. And if in the next couple of weeks any individuals try to demolish our hometown in an attempt to make you believe something else, tell them you know the opposite.

And yes, the holidays are fast approaching and we have a full program full of opportunities for you and your family. Next up is the Halloween Parade on the 23rd. Meet us behind Walgreens with your costume and candy bag ready to go! Keep track of all activity on the Leominster Community Development Facebook page or the town’s website.

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