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Breakfast– Bridgeway Church provided breakfast for teachers in the Bona Vista Early Years Department. Breakfast was part of Bridgeway Church’s Love Week.

For this term’s community service occasion, Bridgeway Church has chosen to provide breakfast for all teachers in the Bona Vista Early Years Department.

Bridgeway Church this month celebrated an outreach program called Love Week, which has allowed members of the congregation to work together on many projects benefiting the community. Love Week has been an opportunity for church members to connect outside of their usual environment while focusing on giving back to others in our community.

Joel Larison, Senior Pastor of Bridgeway Church, explained the idea behind Love Week. “Often times Christians are known for what goes on in buildings on Sunday mornings – sermons and songs,” Larison said. “But we do believe that the love of Jesus calls us to ‘be rich’ in generosity, good deeds, and love for others instead. It is a lot more fun to be in church than just to.” to go to church”.

Marcy Kistler, of Bridgeway Church, came up with an idea for Love Week and contacted Bona Vista to see if there was a way for the church to recognize Keys for Kids Preschool and Early Head Start staff members, for the work they provide to young people and families in the community. Of course, we were thrilled with the group’s offer and grateful that Kistler and Bridgeway had thought of our early childhood staff.

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“I chose to show love to the teachers at Bona Vista because I know how difficult things have been since COVID started,” Kistler said. “Short staff, adapting safety measures and protocols, fear of illness from children and staff, and striving to keep everyone safe and healthy, while teaching and shaping young minds. I knew something as small as breakfast would help them feel appreciated and loved.

Last week, Kistler cooked a hearty breakfast and, with help from Alison Brantley, Director of Next Steps at Bridgeway, surprised staff members as they arrived for their work day. Nothing like an unexpected surprise breakfast to start the day off right. What is more meaningful than a full plate and a hot coffee to partner with our teachers to face the work of the day is the recognition and appreciation of a community organization.

“The leadership team in our department would like to thank our teachers and staff often for their tireless work, as we see it every day,” said Amanda Riley, Early Childhood Services Education Manager at Bona Vista . “We see the work that goes on in our classrooms and our students and know the value it brings to every family. Being recognized by Bridgeway Church, however, emphasizes the value of our services in the community. It’s a reminder that our work matters and makes a difference.

The services provided by all the non-profit organizations in our community are valuable and deserve to be recognized. Please take a minute to check out your favorite nonprofit groups to see if there is a volunteer or donation need that you can help fill. Bona Vista is very grateful for the generosity of Bridgeway Church last week in showing a little love and appreciation to our early childhood staff. Our community values ​​the teachers who work in our preschool classrooms, as do the management and staff at Bona Vista. If you are interested in joining our early childhood family, please visit for currently open positions and to apply.


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