Need for new leadership at CCSD


There is no shortage of administrators. Immediately reduce the number of school district administrators.

Building managers should be paid more than district administrators, with a few exceptions such as finance, legal, etc.

In general, people who are more distant from students should not be paid more than people who are with students.

In addition, teachers and administrators should be made to work in schools every two years so as not to become disconnected from reality – like trying to get students to do their homework instead of the hundreds of things they do. prefer to do on their phone.

Many students find it difficult to motivate themselves to follow the new grading system. When some finally realize that they do not know the subject, it is too late.

Empower individual schools and institute conditional open enrollment so parents can change schools if they are not satisfied. Make waiting list numbers public so that we can have transparency and accountability.

Give schools options for dealing with outrageously disrespectful and disruptive students.

The Clark County School District’s ongoing problems were compounded by the departing superintendent, and his recent post was so odd and out of touch. He surrounded himself with yes people and failed to use or respect CCSD’s greatest resource – its employees.

A good leader wants to address various points of view before making a decision rather than stifling any dissent after a bad decision that is poorly controlled.

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