What is the next step for the construction of churches in Francis and Mountain View in Longmont? – Longmont Times-Call


Dear Johnnie: We drive frequently on Francis Street and have seen the church on the southeast corner of Francis and Mountain View slowly become vacant.

Do you know the development plans for this parcel of land? If the building has to be removed, we hope the materials can be reused.

Thank you. – The commuters of rue Francis

Dear commuters of rue Francis: I’ve been where I usually go when I get questions like this, at the town hall Active Development Journal. Here is what I read about this package:

“A minor subdivision plan to subdivide a 2.29 acre parcel located at the southeast corner of Mountain View Avenue and Francis Street into three separate lots. This plot contains the existing Christ Congregational Church, a parking lot and a house to the south. The applicant proposes to create three separate lots – one for the church, one for the house and a third lot in the center for future development.

Olive grove capitol is listed as the applicant on the development, so I turned to Olive Grove about the plans for this property.

“Olive Grove has this property under contract and plans to close by the end of the year,” Olive Grove Capital Partners director Bob Young told me in an email. “The property has been subdivided into three lots. The current church building and its immediate surroundings will continue to be a church with site improvements (parking, landscaping) and the denomination (CCCC) intends to start a new congregation. The existing parking lot to the south (which is no longer needed at the church) is proposed for redevelopment as a multi-family housing project. The third plot, a single-family home, will be sold.

CCCC stands for “Congregational Christian Conference”. I turned to CCCC headquarters in Minnesota for information on the next step for this location and / or congregation, which I had visited in 2014 after receiving a question about this church.

I received an email response from Conference Minister Ron Hamilton.

“The church voted to close in 2019 and gave ownership to our denomination…” Hamilton said. “None of the ‘rest’ of the church is involved. The dissolution council entered into a buy-sell agreement in 2020. The consideration of the development proposal is before the town of Longmont. I prefer not to comment on the sale and / or future use of church property until the sale closes.

So, commuters, we’ll see what happens early next year.

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