Brookie Awards program accepts nominations from young environmental leaders in Maine

Nominations and nominations are now being accepted for the 2022 Brookie Awards, an awards program aimed at bringing the voice and work of the rising generation of environmental leaders to Maine heard. A diverse group of six young change makers are honored every two years for their demonstrated leadership, creativity, collaboration and impact for a cleaner, healthier environment in Maine.

Nominations and nominations for the 2022 “school” of Brookie Award winners are now being accepted until February 14. Mainers are encouraged to apply or nominate eligible young leaders who live in Maine and are between the ages of 15 and 30 at www.brookieawards. org.

The Brookie Awards are hosted by the NRCM Rising, the young member of Maine’s leading environmental group, the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM). The first “school” of six Brookie Award winners, a geographically diverse group comprising students, artists and scientists, was announced in 2020.

“As a Brookie Award recipient, I have been able to connect with a variety of other young environmental leaders, participate in retreats and professional development, and connect with multiple organizations,” said Gabby Hillyer, Brookie Award recipient. 2020. “More than building this network, the Brookie Award remains one of the most important references of my career, as a signal that I am putting forward as a leader in my field.”

Brookie Award winners will receive a $ 2,000 cash prize, professional storytelling training, a professional video about their work and the opportunity to attend a nature-based retreat with their fellow young environmental change makers where they participate in skills-building sessions and engage with other environmental and political leaders in Maine.

The NRCM Rising will celebrate and honor the winners of the Brookie Prize at a grand gala in Spring 2022 that will feature short inspiring speeches from each winner. Videos will also be produced to showcase each winner’s unique perspective and voice.

“Young activists should apply for a Brookie Award as a chance to showcase the important work they have done in the state and gain access to resources that will improve their communication skills and ability to lead more effectively,” said Riley Stevenson, winner of the 2020 Brookie Prize. “For any youngster looking for recognition for an exciting but isolated project, this is a great opportunity to take these projects to a bigger stage and gain valuable insight into what makes a group and a leader. successful. Besides, it’s just fun!

The NRCM Rising will convene a panel of external reviewers to assess the Brookie Award nominees against the following four criteria:

• Exceptional leadership in the creation, organization and implementation of a project or campaign to protect or improve the environment of Maine;
• Transform individual passion into collective action by involving their peers in their project or campaign;
• Creativity, collaboration and perseverance in bringing new ideas to existing challenges, introducing new approaches to organize others, or determination to prevail in the face of obstacles; and
• Overall positive impact on the environment of Maine.

The Brookie Awards are made possible through the early partnership of the Quimby Family Foundation. To learn more about the Brookie Awards, visit:

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