Every Marvel 2022 event Kang the Conqueror sees, explained

WARNING: Spoilers for Timeless # 1 follow. In true Marvel Comics tradition, the publisher ends 2021 with a special one-shot that sets up various events scheduled throughout 2022. This year’s edition is Timeless # 1 with Kang the Conqueror, who rose to prominence thanks to Jonathan Major’s portrayal of the Kang variant in the Loki Disney + series. Since Kang is a time traveler, he offers the reader a unique insight into the events to come in the future of the Marvel Universe, which may surprise some fans. Some of Marvel’s most popular titles are involved, and some returning favorites are shown as well, but with a different facelift.

The creative team on Timeless No.1 is writer Jed MacKay, artists Kev Walker, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Mark Bagley and Andrew Hennessey, color artist Marte Gracia and letterer Ariana Maher from VC. After Kang detects an earthquake – an event that causes a ripple event throughout the timeline – he retreats to one of his out of time observation stations to investigate. He is accompanied by a writer and lecturer on superhuman studies named Anatoly Petrov. He begins to write an article dedicated to Doctor Doom, but since Kang and Doom have an emerging rivalry, Kang chooses to take Anatoly with him so that he can witness his exploits in a ploy to change his mind.

Once Kang takes a look at what’s going on in the timeline, he’s taken a look at 12 future events destined to take place in the Marvel Universe. Some of these events are already underway, like Punisher’s logo change and alliance with The Hand, the introduction of a new Iron Fist, and Iron Man’s transition to an Iron God. Other events tease major changes and possible death fates for the X-Men, Captain America, and more.

Let’s take a look at what Marvel has in store for fans next year.

Doctor Strange Nemesis slain by his own son

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Dormammu is one of Doctor Strange’s greatest enemies … which is what made it all the more surprising that Strange accepts Dormammu’s son, Doyle, as a student at his new college academy. Strange academy by Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos follows the titular mystical school in New Orleans. Other masters of the mystical arts like Doctor Voodoo, Magik, Scarlet Witch, the Elder, Daimon Hellstrom, and Agatha Harkness have stopped by to educate the next generation of wizards.

Timeless # 1 shows Doyle attacking his father Dormammu with the Twilight Sword with the caption: “The son takes the Twilight Sword and hits the father …”

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Ben Reilly goes to Hollywood

(Photo: Steve Skroce, David Stewart, Marvel Comics)

Peter Parker’s clone Ben Reilly has currently replaced the web-slinger as Spider-Man in the pages of The Incredible Spider-Man. Dubbed “The Beyond Era,” Amazing Spider-Man associates Ben Reilly with Beyond Corporation, who filed the name “Spider-Man” and outfitted Ben with a new costume and gadgets. He also receives special training from Colleen Wing and Misty Knight.

Marvel’s March 2022 solicitations reveal that Spider-Man Beyond will end this month. Now, a teaser shows Ben Reilly leaving New York for Hollywood, “… as a fatherless son finds a new home.”

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Marvel forges a new iron fist

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

“The Iron Fist, reforged for a new hand …”, pronounces Kang the Conqueror in Timeless # 1. A new five-issue Iron Fist miniseries will introduce fans to a mysterious character replacing Danny Rand. All we know about the character is that he’s Asian, and the creative team for the miniseries are writer Alyssa Wong, artist Michael YG, and colorist Jay Ramos.

“It is an incredible honor to introduce a new Iron Fist to the Marvel Universe. I am delighted to immerse myself in and develop the rich myth of comics,” Wong said upon announcing the series. “What does it mean for someone to take on the Iron Fist mantle now, today?” As a newcomer, how do you interact with heritage and honor it while forging a new path? “

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The great judgment is upon us

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Billed as a 15-year-old event in the works, the Fantastic Four’s “Reckoning War” is the darling of writer Dan Slott, who has sown the story through his many Marvel titles. The story features the returns of Uatu the Watcher and the original Nick Fury, now called The Unseen.

“If you stalk all of the past [Reckoning War] hints about Marvel Unlimited or your long boxes, it’ll be fun! Slott wrote on Twitter. “But new readers will be able to jump right in – as the biggest, most cosmic, and complete Marvel story ever launched – with the best comic book characters!”

Timeless # 1 quote for “Reckoning War” states, “The moon has cracked in a great Reckoning …”

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A dangerous X-Men enemy rises


Orchis is a new organization introduced in Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X. Made up of former members of different groups in the Marvel Universe such as SHIELD, AIM, Hydra, Alpha Flight, and more, Orchis intends to eradicate the mutantkind so that humanity can remain the dominant species on Earth. . Their base of operations is a giant Master Mold Sentinel head floating just outside the sun. The X-Men attempted to deal with Orchis, though every mission ended in failure.

According to Kang, in the very distant future, Orchis will be victorious and take over the rule of Earth. “… while further into the future, another calculation leaves humanity with dominance over Earth.”

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Captain America vs. Winter Soldier

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Best friends Captain America and Winter Soldier will go to war at some point in 2022. An image in Timeless # 1 shows Cap on his hands and knees holding his stomach as blood flows from his body. Above him is Bucky Barnes, who has smoke billowing from his hands in a ball. Winter Soldier’s face is locked in shadow, making him look sinister as he betrays Steve Rogers. Kang tells us that “an old icon is falling.”

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Who are these young avengers?

(Photo :, Marvel Entertainment)

It’s only a matter of time before the Young Avengers officially debut in the MCU, there’s bound to be a new series with the team name on it. Marvel teased a Young Avengers reunion as Hulkling, Wiccan, Speed, America Chavez, Kate Bishop and Patriot appeared in Marvel comics # 1000 and Empyre: Aftermath Avengers # 1, stories centered on the secret marriage of Hulkling and Wiccan.

However, the image of the Young Avengers in Timeless # 1 looks slightly different from the main team. “A younger generation of Avengers is rising…” Kang says, which may mean different characters on the team decide to take on the mantle of Young Avengers. This could lead to the original team meeting to reclaim his name.

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Evil Lightning Strikes

love at first sight.jpg
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Similar to Young Avengers, Marvel Studios is apparently in the process of putting together a Love at first sight project. The team made their debut as heroes, but quickly emerged as villains masquerading as superheroes, led by Baron Zemo. Nowadays, the Thunderbolts name has been used by Wilson Fisk, the kingpin of crime, to carry out his orders. Villains like Taskmaster, Rhino, Batroc, Doctor Octopus and many more have been recruited for the Thunderbolts in the ‘event series’ King in black and the reign of the devil.

It looks like someone will be looking to reclaim the Thunderbolts name, but it could also be related to the Young Avengers teaser. If Kingpin or another villain decides to create their own Young Avengers with teenage villains, that could get the heroic Young Avengers and Thunderbolts to straighten things out.

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“A new god takes their throne …”


Iron Man has faced off against the Power Cosmic in his recent battles with a resurrected Korvac. The two characters have stolen Galactus’ power, fighting to see who can prevail. Iron Man eventually came out on top, and cosmic deities like the Living Tribunal kept Tony Stark in the power he had acquired. Now an iron god, Iron Man returns to Earth with the intention of using this power to reshape the Earth. The only question is whether his allies from the Avengers, Fantastic Four and more will be okay with these changes?

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Mayday Parker and Shuri’s Black Panther?

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Fans got a match from May “Mayday” Parker, aka Spider-Girl / Spider-Woman, back in The Incredible Spider-Man # 74 / # 875. The comic is the final issue in Nick Spencer’s series and solves many of its plots. Before passing the torch to Beyond’s creative team, Spencer and a host of artists tease a demonic future led by Mephisto. As he tells Doctor Strange, whatever alternate reality Mephisto envisions, he’s always stopped by Spider-Man. We see this happen in one scene and in the next panel, Peter Parker is replaced by his alternate reality daughter.

Given that Mephisto interferes with the multiverse in Avengers, this could open the door for Mayday to reappear. However, the sign we see in Timeless # 1 shows Mayday next to what appears to be a Black Panther female with the caption, “The brave honor the sacrifices of those in their hearts…” Someone close to Mayday and this Black Panther seemingly sacrifice themselves, although the Black Panther could also come from another part of the multiverse.

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Punisher, Warlord of the Hand


The Punisher has made a lot of fuss about moving away from his controversial skull logo in a maxi-series by Jason Aaron, Jesús Saiz, and Paul Azaceta. If you take a closer look at the actual details, Frank Castle changes his logo when he becomes Warchief for The Hand. The new Punisher logo slightly modifies the original by adding samurai horns. Punisher will let fans see how Frank Castle ends up being employed by The Hand and promises to be the “definitive highlight” of Frank Castle’s journey into the Marvel Universe.

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A heart that we thought was lost beats again

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

The final teaser for Marvel’s 2022 lineup features the return of classic Avenger Jack of Hearts. The image shows a close-up of Jack of Hearts face with energy burning from his left eye. Jack of Hearts was a member of the Avengers alongside Wasp and Scarlet Witch. Jack has died and has been resurrected several times, although this time his rebirth seems to be lasting. It remains to be seen where and when Jack of Hearts returns.


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