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NCR has chosen Archbishop of Los Angeles José Gomez as our Journalist of the Year 2021. Gomez “has wasted the majority of his presidency fighting cultural war battles, like this year’s over politicians and” Eucharistic consistency “and against racial movements and other social justice movements”. The letters have been edited for length and clarity. To join the conversation, follow the instructions below.

I am appalled that this Archbishop has been selected to win an award. Why would such a shameful and negative member of the hierarchy be presented to us as worthy of esteem?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The editorial, “NCR’s Newsmaker of 2021: Archbishop Gomez, a failed culture warrior”, could more specifically read “NCR’s wall of shame 2021 edition: Archbishop Gomez, missed priest because he used the bloody sword of a warrior of culture rather than wearing the armor of God. “

They reap what they sow.

Tyler, Texas


It’s amazing what one can learn by reading the instructions.

Why was the Archbishop of Los Angeles José Gomez not appointed cardinal? Although there was an exception in New York with Timothy Dolan becoming a cardinal during Cardinal Edward Egan’s lifetime, church tradition is that there is only one cardinal at a time and that the cardinal Roger Mahony is alive.

Laguna Woods, California


I think we should all thank God that the Archbishop of Los Angeles, José Gomez, seems very hesitant to impose his reactionary and socio-theological views on the Archdiocese.

As the shepherd of America’s largest diocese, he is well positioned to do enormous damage beyond his sad leadership of the American Bishops’ Conference. Apparently he didn’t. God be praised.

Hamburg, New York


The scowl of the 2021 NCR Newsmaker, Archbishop of Los Angeles José Gomez, perfectly reflects my response to his choice as the 2021 NCR Newsmaker. I understand the nature of that “award”, but there are some. certainly a lot more newsworthy because they actually contributed something to our struggling world in 2021.

What about, for example, those men and women of faith on the front lines who are fighting COVID-19 and the ignorance that has allowed it to spread across our country? What about the doctors and nurses and all the faith staff who have really made a difference to our church and to society over the past year? Or what about the teachers and administrators of our Catholic schools who have worked through thick and thin to continue to educate our children in the faith in these very difficult times?

Their loyalty, not Gomez’s rejection, makes them the most worthy men and women of 2021.

I shudder at the thought of the “reward” you have in mind for Archbishop of San Francisco Salvatore Cordileone.

Parkville, Maryland


He does not appreciate the real gospel of the Lord and has indulged in the right-wing political machine in the United States. I suspect he thinks he’s doing the work of the church and of the Lord, but he’s just a stooge on the right. – wing the fools and actively help and encourage the overthrow of what was once a somewhat democratic system.

It’s a shame he’s too stupid to figure this out and doesn’t see how he let himself be used by these criminals. Poor man he is.

Dallas, Texas


My wonderful mom sends me NCR articles every now and then. I learn something new with each article and sometimes I get excited by what I read.

Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez issued a 1,200-word statement describing disagreements over policies that “would advance moral evils” after President Joe Biden’s victory.

Gomez, take a look into your own backyard where the “politics” of covering up clergy sexual abuse is the ultimate example of moral evil. Wake up, take responsibility, and tell the truth about your role in the cover-up. Until then, Gomez, you’re a costume-clad impostor.

On the one hand, the church is pro-life. On the other hand, there is the cover-up, manipulation, intimidation, minimization and rejection of certain calls for help that have destroyed men and women mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is not pro-life.

Encino, California


The article on the Archbishop of Los Angeles José Gomez describes the character of several prelates who, like Gomez, will never be elevated to the rank of cardinal. Our country is becoming more and more polarized and some prelates either encourage these divisions, which already divide the Catholic population, or exacerbate these divisions with their rhetoric.

Sunday morning should be a time for peaceful contemplation and a feeling of how we apply the teachings of Christ in our lives. We shouldn’t have to worry about where on the political spectrum our fellow parishioners find their comfort level. This last posture only serves to make us suspect our brothers and sisters of conforming to the worst stereotypes in which the media prefer to categorize the electoral population.

If we only think of our brothers in terms of politics when they occupy the adjacent bench, we will only see them through the prism of prejudice, thus labeling them for or against a given social problem. We only need to see each other in the light of fellow travelers on a personal pilgrimage under the aegis of the Church.

If Gomez and his like-minded fellow bishops don’t understand that all of our sheep belong to the fold, not just those who agree with them, he will have put Jesus’ teaching on the Good Shepherd to his ear. Some in the hierarchy, like Gomez, will not look for the lost sheep but will encourage others to look for different shepherds.

Granger, Indiana


Kudos to NCR for having the courage and initiative to publish a well-deserved review of Archbishop of Los Angeles José Gomez for his shameful “leadership” of the American Bishops’ Conference.

This cleric is yet another example of clergymen following a trend out of fear rather than conviction. The entire institutional structure of the church is rotten with crawling opportunists. Pope Francis is to be pitied, for he is obliged to preside over this puny system, where, for decades or more, new bishops have been chosen, not for exceptional character traits, but to be docile “yes” men. The composition of the episcopal conference is a consequence of this modus operandi. I know, because I’ve been a part of it before.

Brampton, Ontario


It certainly saddens me that the NCR chose Archbishop of Los Angeles José Gomez as its Journalist of the Year. Not because it was the wrong choice, but because it was the right choice regarding this man’s disappointment as the spiritual leader of the church.

In the Beatitudes, I am particularly drawn to: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. During such a tumultuous time, we expect our Spiritual Leaders to step up and protect those less fortunate than us. Instead, he engages in cultural wars attacking those who seek social justice.

I remember the words written in No man is an island by Trappist Bro. Thomas Merton on the measure of charity, that “the beginning of love is the willingness to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to match our own image “.

We, as Catholics, have a responsibility to protect those who are less fortunate than us. We must work for racial justice, work to reduce poverty, work for a fair and equitable distribution of wealth and accept everything in our Christian family. To open our hearts and minds to those who seek to be treated fairly. This includes the poor, the LGBTQ community, women, the elderly, the infirm, immigrants and those of other faiths. He must be by our side in these very difficult times.

Commack, New York

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