Improve Care For Women Veterans With Your VA Career

Women Veterans are the fastest growing group of Veterans in the country. More than 700,000 women have served in the military over the past two decades, joining a lineage that dates back to the Civil War.

However, reports show that nearly one in four female Veterans do not need necessary health care and underutilize the AV care available to them.

We are working hard to change that – by expanding services, improving our healthcare facilities, and hiring dedicated professionals to support the women who have served our country.

Historical legislation

The Deborah Sampson Act, enacted in January 2021, will help us meet the needs of female veterans. It creates a dedicated women’s health office at VA, expands group counseling retreats for reintegration and readjustment, and strengthens call center services for female veterans.

Maternity care at VA was boosted by another bill enacted in late November 2021. It is investing $ 15 million to help us:

  • Improve coordination with community care facilities that provide maternity care
  • Offer childbirth preparation and parenting classes
  • Offer nutritional counseling and other efforts to new and expecting mothers

Meeting the needs of veterans

The women who have served and continue to serve today deserve to be cared for by a team that shares and understands their experiences.

To underscore this need, the Deborah Sampson Act also provides every health facility with a primary care provider dedicated to women’s health. It also offers the opportunity to train clinicians on the needs of female veterans and to modernize our facilities to enhance confidentiality and improve the care environment.

Veterans are uniquely positioned to contribute to our efforts. Another bill passed in late November helps us work with the Department of Defense to identify and recruit exiting service members who may be qualified for federal health care jobs.

Invest in the future

As we seek to recruit a more diverse workforce, we aim to provide benefits that meet the needs of a changing workforce and help you get the most out of your career.

  • Competitive starting salaries. We offer our employees solid starting salaries based on education, training and experience. We also offer steady growth, with periodic salary increases that respond to inflation and changes in the local market.
  • Flexible hours. Our employees receive 13 to 26 days of paid leave / personal days, as well as 13 days of sickness per year with no accumulation limit. We celebrate 11 federal paid holidays each year. We also offer up to 12 weeks of paid maternity / parental leave.
  • Robust insurance options. You can choose from a variety of health maintenance organizations or fee-for-service health plans. All of them cover pre-existing conditions. We also pay up to 75% of health insurance premiums, a benefit that can continue until retirement.
  • Education and leadership. We offer continuous leadership development at all levels of employment, from mandatory programs to competitive opportunities. All leadership programs align the organization around a core skill set. These skills support career development through lifelong learning, coaching / mentoring and assessment.

Working at VA

Consider bringing your skills and experience to a team ready to provide exceptional care to female veterans.

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