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St. John’s Episcopal Church, Carlisle, Pa. Is looking for a Chief Choir Organist to begin in late winter, early spring 2022. The Chief Choir Organist will be the principal musician and educator for St. John’s. He / she will provide musical and musical direction for 2-3 liturgies per week, additional services around Christmas and Easter, the annual celebration of Epiphany, occasional evening song services, funerals and weddings and will conduct the adult SATB choir as well as men and young people. Choral.

St. John’s Episcopal Church is located in Town Square in historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and shares close ties with other nearby churches as well as Dickinson College, a remarkable college of the arts Liberals, and the United States Army War College. Carlisle is a small, friendly town with rich traditions and cultural and historical organizations, all within walking distance of the church. The region offers many opportunities for musical engagement and collaboration, supporting a community choral ensemble (Cantata Carlisle), two community orchestras (West Shore Symphony Orchestra and Central Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra) and a local concert series (Fine Arts at First Lutheran) in addition to ensembles and concerts presented by the Dickinson College Music Department.

This position is being advertised in coordination with the Dickinson Music Department, which is seeking a position as a parallel organ, harpsichord teacher. The person will also ensure the accompaniment of groups and individual musicians. A candidate may choose to serve at both institutions and may use the St. John’s organ and underground piano to teach students at Dickinson College and / or teach private students. The position at Dickinson College is at this link:

St. John’s is well known for having a strong sacred music program. We value music as an integral part of our liturgy which allows us to worship together singing and explore the devotional riches of our tradition. St. John’s is looking for a conductor organist with mature faith who can take on this leadership position to help develop this ministry in our church. The director must be aware of the Anglican musical tradition.

This position is 22 hours per week with benefits.

Core Responsibilities:

Plan musical services in collaboration with the rector and the music and worship committees.

Recruit, conduct, educate and rehearse the SATB Adult Choir, Male and Youth Choir, instrumentalists and choir specialists as the program is developed.

Regular rehearsals take place on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. The annual Twelfth Night celebration requires additional rehearsals before Epiphany.

Facilitate the development of special musical programs, such as the Twelfth Night Epiphany Festival, and coordinate musical events with outside musicians as needed.

In the event of absence, provide an appropriate replacement musician to meet these requirements.

Provide or arrange for the provision of music at weddings and funerals held in the parish and consult and advise the parties as necessary to achieve the liturgical purposes of the services.

Oversee the maintenance of the organ, pianos and other musical instruments in the parish as needed.

Maintain and develop the music library with the help of volunteers.

Administrative tasks:

With the Rector, establish an annual musical calendar for liturgical events.

Along with the rector, recruit and employ other musicians as needed to meet the liturgical needs of the parish.

Participate in budgeting, implementation and management of musical programs.

Administer the expenses of the music budget, music and organ endowment funds, and report the funds to the rector, the sacristy and other financial officers designated by the rector to receive this information.

Attend Wednesday morning staff meetings and other committee meetings designated by the President.

Administer the allowances for young choristers.

Participate in an annual performance review with the rector each year in May.

As with any ministerial post, the other tasks assigned by the rector

Essential qualities:

Minimum bachelor’s degree in music and work experience in a liturgical church or comparable setting. Masters Degree in Music or Sacred Music or equivalent professional experience preferred.

Experience in choir conducting, conducting and choir development.

Knowledge of the Episcopal Church, its style of worship and its tradition.

Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs and social media.

Employment is contingent upon passing a security background check in accordance with the requirements of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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