Retired football legend Tom Brady leaves important leadership lessons for business executives

Sports personalities often provide important lessons for business leaders on how to lead, especially in times of crisis. Reports today per ESPN that Tom Brady is retiring after 22 seasons in the NFL quickly recalled many of those lessons.

ESPN reported that, “Sources said that Brady’s decision to retire is based on several factors, including family and health. While less significant, Brady also recognizes the Buccaneers are likely to experience significant roster turnover, sources said.

ESPN said Brady will officially announce his retirement in the coming days or weeks as he doesn’t want to distract from the remaining playoff games and the Super Bowl.

Forbes wrote that “Don Yee, Brady’s agent, said that Brady ‘will be the only person to articulate his plans with complete accuracy’ in a declaration, adding that he “knows the realities of the football industry and the planning calendar as well as anyone, so it should be soon”.

According to, “Brady spent 20 years with the New England Patriots and two with the Buccaneers, winning seven Super Bowls and three league MVPs during his historic career. He also played with and against countless players from several generations of the game.

12 great leadership lessons

Glimpses of a Championship Career

In 12 Lessons in Business Leadership: Insights into Tom Brady’s Champion Career, the co-authors have dedicated a chapter to each of the following lessons:

  • Create a winning playbook
  • Make time your ally
  • Head to every moment
  • Meetings are a championship tool
  • Empower the team and hold it accountable
  • Always prepare for a crisis
  • Trust is the twelfth man
  • Raise everyone
  • Talk to people where they are
  • Run Team Success
  • attitude is everything
  • Live the picture

“An authentic and powerful leader”

In a blog post on Carew International Last March, Scott Stiver observed that “Brady is an authentic and powerful leader. A good leader not only succeeds in their job, but they uplift those around them. Sure, Tom Brady’s individual stats are superb, but consider how he elevates the level of play for the players around him. If you want to zoom out even further, consider the records of the teams Brady played for. Love it or hate it; the numbers don’t lie. He’s a real leader. »

Stiver listed these “leadership lessons we can all take away from Tom Brady:

#1: Success is earned, not given. Work harder (and smarter) than everyone on your team

“Tom Brady’s tireless work ethic is well documented. He usually watches movies and trains longer (and smarter) than anyone on his team. Former Brady trainer Bill Belichick once said, “No one works harder than Tom. He’s earned everything he’s achieved.” So leaders, let your team see your dedication. Commit to honing and perfecting your craft and setting the tone of excellence for your team.

#2: Don’t just give feedback; ask for feedback

“Tom Brady watches a movie to break down his throwing mechanics, his footwork, how he read a defense at a crucial moment in a game. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I actively sought honest feedback on my performance from my team? »

#3: Educate yourself

“He educated himself on what it takes to be the best player and the best leader, both on and off the pitch. Let it be a reminder to continue your own education. Are there industry conferences or webinars you can attend, training programs you can participate in, or certificates you can work to receive? »

Stiver noted that “Tom Brady is the epitome of an influential and effective leader, and effective leaders get results. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to compare yourself to someone who has matchless success. But the qualities that make Brady so remarkable are human qualities, and we can all strive to be a better leader every day.

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