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Dr. Pamela Klena, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at Oakland University, recently earned a Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Certificate from Cornell University after completing an intense eight-week course.

Elaine Carey
Elaine Carey
Glenn McIntosh
Glenn McIntosh
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“The course was a transformative experience,” said Klena, whose attendance at the course was sponsored by Glenn McIntosh of Student Affairs and Diversity and Dean Elaine Carey of the College of Arts and Sciences. “

“Through extensive testing, I discovered many of my own biases,” Klena said. “Most importantly, I learned to recognize these biases and more fully foster a psychologically safe space for my students.”

The course consisted of four topics:

• Improve engagement

Countering Unconscious Bias

Diversity and inclusion at work

Foster an inclusive climate

“Since completing my doctoral dissertation, ‘Towards a More Inclusive Profession: A Qualitative Study of Female Conductors’, I have been interested in other studies and research on discrimination, prejudice and movement towards inclusivity in music.” said Klena.

“This course, generally focused on business (not education), was extremely in-depth and insightful,” she added. “I received many useful tools that can be used individually or with a group (students or colleagues) to communicate inclusion norms and confront someone about non-inclusive behavior. Additionally, I have been very intrigued by the strategies learned to facilitate trust in groups, which I have therefore already begun to implement in my education classes.”

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