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Dear Resurrection Family,

For those of you who live in Kansas City, what a breath of winter this week! But by Sunday, we’ll be back to 61 degrees! LaVon and I went on vacation last Friday and enjoyed the week. In addition to playing and praying, I continued to work on a manuscript for an Advent book I am writing called, Prepare the Lord’s Way: The Advent Message of John the Baptist. I’m leaving next week to finish the manuscript.


This weekend, Pastor Scott Chrostek will begin a two-week series titled The Great Transformation: Finding Purpose, Meaning, and Abundance in Our Daily Lives. We are in the midst of a cultural phenomenon that many call “The Great Resignation”. It has been reported that people are quitting their jobs at an unprecedented rate – retiring, staying home with kids or looking for something better.

As the world around us continues to talk about the Great Resignation, we will reflect on a great metamorphosis. As many yearn for a more abundant life, we will remember that is exactly what Jesus said he came to offer us. Over the next two weeks, we’ll explore how we find purpose, meaning, and abundance in our daily lives, whether you have a job, are looking for a new one, or are beyond the daily grind. . I’m really excited about this series!

Invite a friend to join you for worship!

IN PERSON at one of our five locations:
—Leawood location at 7:30 a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m. (traditional at 11 a.m. at the Shrine, modern at 11 a.m. at the Foundry) or 5 p.m.
—City center location Saturday at 5 p.m. or Sunday at 9 a.m. or 11 a.m.
— Blue Springs, Olathe (West) and Overland Park locations Sunday at 9 or 11 a.m.
IN LINE on on Saturday at 5 p.m. or Sunday at 7:30 a.m., 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. or 5 p.m.
TELEVISION to KMCI channel 38 at 8 a.m. or 11 a.m.
ON DEMAND to Youtube during the week


Who doesn’t need inspiration in the middle of winter with its gray skies and cold temperatures? Our Women’s Ministry is providing a daily dose of inspiration next week, February 21-25, with a unique digital experience. Each day, they’ll share a video with real women engaging in an uplifting conversation about what women are going through right now and offering wise (and fun) ways to navigate it. There are two ways to view the videos: You can “like” Church of the Resurrection Facebook Page or “subscribe” to the church of the resurrection Women’s Ministry YouTube Channel. Share with your friends and prepare to be inspired!


Resurrection will host the “Improbable Conference” on March 9 at 7 p.m. at our Leawood sanctuary. Sponsored by the Global Faith Forum, this event brings together leaders of different faiths for conversations, with the aim of fostering greater understanding and building bridges so that we can better love our neighbors. This multi-faith event will bring together participants and speakers from various faith traditions. I will speak alongside leaders of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths. We will be inviting our community to join us and I hope you will plan to attend and bring a friend or neighbor with you. You can go to the site: to learn more and register.


Like many of you, our leadership team has been closely monitoring COVID trends and data. We are grateful and excited to see cases, hospitalizations and deaths rapidly declining. Here’s a graph of the Kansas City metro area with yesterday’s numbers:

As quickly as cases rose in early January, they are now rapidly declining and the numbers (locally) seem to be moving in the right direction on all fronts. In response, we’ve seen local school districts move to optional masking for students and teachers and local governments decide to let mask orders expire.

We will follow the example of school districts in the region, but we will take a week to implement the change in our programs to ensure that we have enough volunteers in our children and youth programs. So, from the weekend of February 26-27, we will be following schools in taking a “masks encouraged” stance at all age levels, including our KiDSCOR and Rezlife programs. Again, note that this change has been delayed for a weekend to ensure smooth communication and coordination with volunteers and parents.

In some areas of the ministry, we will continue to implement program-specific measures that are tailored to the needs of the population we serve. And where these limitations exist, we appreciate your continued patience and support. Going forward, we will continue to monitor the progression of local COVID trends with a commitment to do our part to help create a safe and healthy community.


Congratulations to three of our resurrection pastors who recently passed interviews with the Board of Ordained Ministry. Nick Kaufmann Mamisashvili, Connection and Care pastor at our downtown location, has been approved to become an ordained deacon. Jen Schultz, pastoral resident in Leawood, and Ally Drummond, pastoral intern, also in Leawood, were both approved to be appointed as provisional deacons. Additionally, Resurrection member Poese Vatikani, who serves as senior pastor at Archie UMC in Archie, Missouri, will also be ordained this year. The ordination and commissioning of Nick, Ally and Jen will take place at the Great Plains Annual Conference in June in Omaha. Poese will be ordained at the annual Missouri conference in Branson. Here are photos of Nick, Ally, Jen and Poese.

pseudo jen and ally Poetry

I am so proud of these four pastors. This step in their ordination process represents their hard work and commitment to serving God. I wanted to share an additional photo with you. Below is a photo of Ally with her parents Kris and Ken and her three older siblings at her resurrection baptism. How cool is that! Each time we baptize a baby or confirm an 8th grader, we realize that God can call them to ministry.

Drummond family at Ally's christening


Our blood drives at blue springs and land park yesterday had to be postponed due to weather. The new date is March 17 at Overland Park and March 24 at Blue Springs. The cancellation of these collections has an impact on the already reduced blood supply. If you can donate, I encourage you to do so at one of these collections. Appointments are encouraged and walk-ins will be made as space permits. Masks are required by the Community Blood Center. Simply click on the location for more details and a registration link.


Don’t forget to drop off your food for the Sack Hunger Food Drive at one of our locations tomorrow between 9-11am. It’s also our monthly Service Saturday, and you can always register to serve!


Join me at 7:30 p.m. CT on Facebook Live, on my Facebook page: Pastor Adam Hamilton on Facebook. You can also watch it on my Facebook page or on the church‘s YouTube page after Tuesday evening.

I can’t wait to worship with you this weekend!


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