MURAL Acquires LUMA Institute and Establishes Leadership in Collaborative Intelligence

Acquisition of LUMA establishes category leadership for MURAL as the company launches its plan for a collaborative intelligence system, a new approach that connects teams to unleash their genius, moving insights and insights into possibility to reality. MURAL’s collaborative intelligence system will aim to address the prevailing sense of disconnect felt by teams globally and respond to $542 billion Cost of ineffective team collaboration.

“Bad meetings, lost ideas, and frustrated teams are all symptoms of disconnection. These issues come from leaving collaboration to chance,” said Mariano Suarez Battan, co-founder and CEO of MURAL. “LUMA has been pioneering a different way of collaborating for over a decade, helping business teams around the world innovate and do their best to work together. As part of MURAL, LUMA will help advancing collaborative design, a new discipline that will improve the way people This acquisition is the first public step in our mission to support collaborative intelligence for the new hybrid workplace.

LUMA created the LUMA System, a foundational collection of design methods that the Harvard Business Review has called a “taxonomy of innovation.” The LUMA system provides a common language for collaboration and has been used by teams working in over 3,000 organizations worldwide. Building on years of partnership between the two companies, the LUMA team will support MURAL’s rollout of the Collaboration Design Institute in late 2022, where the discipline of collaborative design will be taught and learned through a curriculum self-service, cohort learning, certifications, and communities.

Collaborative design helps people connect and innovate together, drawing on a legacy of design methods and facilitation expertise to move teams from ideas to action. Cultivating visual thinkers, developing relational intelligence, and creating psychological safety are essential elements of collaborative design. MURAL expects more than 250 million knowledge workers to develop collaborative design skills by 2025.

“As a company founded to help organizations innovate by transforming the way people work together, we’ve always been inspired by MURAL’s mission to transform collaboration into business,” said Chris Pacione, co-founder and CEO of LUMA. “This is the perfect opportunity for us to bring our pioneering approach to design and collaboration to the masses, and accelerate the formation and expansion of MURAL’s Collaboration Design Institute.”

The Collaborative Intelligence System

The Collaborative Intelligence System™ connects teams to unlock their potential and increase companies’ capacity for innovation, creating an effective collaborative culture where everyone is connected, contributing and empowered to deliver results that drive business.

The Collaborative Intelligence System consists of three core components: the Collaboration Design Institute, Collaboration Spaces, and Collaboration Insights.

  1. The Collaboration Design Institute™ (CDI) will support and advance the new discipline of collaborative design. Collaboration designers work to inspire teams to connect and innovate, bringing purpose and intent to the collaborative process and fostering relationship intelligence and psychological safety. In late 2022, CDI™ will offer training, program development, certification, research, and consulting for professional collaboration designers. Additionally, the CDI will support those looking to enhance teamwork with collaborative design know-how. The acquisition of the LUMA Institute by MURAL is a crucial first step in the development of the CDI.
  2. Collaborative spaces form the center of the Collaborative Intelligence System, empowering the practice of collaborative design for synchronous and asynchronous workflows, in-person and room-based collaborations, and more. The collaborative space is called a mural, an award-winning interactive visual thought canvas. Collaboration spaces are enhanced with powerful facilitation features, guided methods, and advanced collaboration capabilities and drive participation and engagement in meetings and workshops. The MURAL app is fully integrated with enterprise technology stack tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex by Cisco, Slack and Jira – with many more integrations under development and an API to build custom solutions, ensuring that teams can transfer ideas and solutions into existing solutions. processes and workflows.
  3. emerging Collaborative Insights™ the features will offer actionable insights so leaders can empower teams and improve how work gets done together. By leveraging qualitative and quantitative data from a variety of sources in a responsible and privacy-respecting manner, organizations will be able to measure and improve collaboration at all levels of the organization, from individual teams to the whole company.

MURAL’s Collaborative Intelligence System offers teams and organizations an ever-growing toolbox of workflows and guided methods. These structured activities encourage both relational intelligence and problem solving while reducing bias and enhancing the diversity of ideas. Additionally, MURAL’s thriving community of members and collaborative designers goes beyond personalized on-demand service offerings to enhance and strengthen teamwork by sharing best practices, inspiration, and success stories. Finally, MURAL’s collaborative intelligence system is enterprise-grade, meeting the most stringent IT and regulatory requirements.

Analyst Approvals

  • “Collaboration is not technology; it is what people do together to achieve common goals,” according to wayne kurtzman, IDC Research Director for Collaboration and Communities. “The right technology allows collaboration to evolve. Increasingly, people are opting for more visual ways to engage. The hyper-evolving business landscape calls for more creativity, inclusion, problem-solving problems and collaboration. The acquisition of LUMA is a statement from MURAL that they both understand the complexities ahead and will be ready to help companies meet these challenges.”
  • “The acquisition of LUMA shows a rare insight into the world of digital collaboration, in that most organizations embrace collaboration with very little design in the process, leaving much of the human potential of the resulting interactions untapped,” said Dion Hinchcliffe, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research. “MURAL’s acquisition of LUMA will allow its platform to be much more deeply and meaningfully integrated into its customers’ most strategic businesses.”

Customer Approvals

Although only recently introduced, MURAL already supports collaborative design practices at companies like Autodesk, SAP, IBM, and Intuit.

  • “It will never be enough to bring together the brightest minds and hope for the best. By capturing ideas and measuring teamwork, collaborative intelligence helps us get from start to finish and collaborate seamlessly. trust.” – Nicholas ValenciaChief Innovation Officer, Corporate Responsibility, Intuit
  • “Human Centered Design (HCD) methods are ‘powerful tools’ for anyone who facilitates complex discussions to arrive at a result. In addition to methods, we all need a digital platform to support the work this way, and it’s even more important now in a ‘remote-first’ or ‘hybrid’ world. MURAL brings it all together with collaborative intelligence.” – Rob Dickenschief of staff, Autodesk

Learn more about Collaborative Intelligence and the LUMA Institute


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LUMA Institute® is a recognized global leader in empowering people to solve problems collaboratively through its award-winning learning experiences, digital resources and certification programs. Founded in 2010, LUMA is transforming the way teams collaborate and innovate across the enterprise. The LUMA principle guides the work of the company by inviting people to look carefully, to understand deeply, to do ingeniously and to adapt accordingly. Organizations around the world rely on the LUMA Innovation System, a modular and adaptive set of design methods. LUMA has reached people in more than 140 countries on six continents through private innovation programs for corporate clients, public workshops open to everyone, and a digital platform called LUMA Workplace®. Join us and let’s make things better®.


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