On the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of the NPA, the CPP calls for “advancing the revolution”

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) will strengthen both the leadership and members of its military wing and its ability to fight the battle as it has rejected the military’s goal of ending the insurgency in the country before President Duterte resigned in June.

The tasks were spelled out by the CPC Central Committee at the New People’s Army (NPA) 53rd anniversary commemoration on Tuesday, where it assessed its work over the past year and outlined its goals for the coming year.

“In the next year or two, we must implement certain tasks to increase the combat capability of the NPA and the masses for the advance [ment] of the revolution,” the CPP said, identifying these tasks as strengthening the leadership and members of the rebels and their ability to fight the army.

He also said the NPA should “retain” and “deepen” its mass base in its various guerrilla fronts, support the courts in the cities for its revolutionary armed struggle, intensify its propaganda and secure international support.

The CPP, in a statement, ignored ‘repeated’ statements by the military that the NPA is weak and could be ‘crushed’ before Duterte leaves office in three months, as it noted the rebels were able to resist to this deadline imposed on the soldiers by the Commander-in-Chief.

“The NPA has shown absolute strength in the fight against the enemy. Under the leadership of the Party, he succeeded in frustrating six years of enemy strategic offensives and his plans to crush the armed revolution,” he said.

The CPP said that while the military boasted of ending the communist-inspired insurgency in the middle of this year, the military and the Philippine National Police have continued to increase their “counter-terrorism” forces. guerrilla”.

He said ‘army, air force, marines, rangers, special action force and other military and police units’ were deployed in greater numbers against the rebels over the past year.

“In this quantity, the AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] has assigned 5 to 6 battalions against its priority or its sub-regional or NPA guerrilla front,” he said, adding that almost 60% of these combat troops are concentrated in five of the 13 regions that include the south Tagalog, Eastern Visayas, Southern Mindanao, Bicol and North-Central Mindanao.

A rebel guerrilla front is equivalent to a battalion of soldiers or about 500 men.

Although it was able to resist Duterte’s deadline for the military to end the insurgency, the CPP nevertheless admitted setbacks, which it said were lessons the NPA should learn as it “builds itself and prepares for a tougher fight” in his push. for a protracted people’s war.

“Some NPA units have suffered severe retreats in the face of the enemy’s escalating fascist attacks. There is a need to identify, criticize and correct errors, internal weaknesses and shortcomings that undermined the capability of these units to use guerrilla tactics effectively,” the CPP said.

At Camp Crame, the leader of the PNP, General Dionardo Carlos, said the police will vigorously pursue operations to account for rebels and their affiliates who are the subject of arrest warrants issued by the courts.

Carlos also denounced the NPA and its celebration of its founding anniversary.

“The CPP-NPA continues to wallow in insignificance for the 53rd year of its campaign of terror and violence that has only made life more miserable for the rural poor,” Carlos said.

“The CPP-NPA has nothing to celebrate as its anniversary only serves as a grim reminder of the thousands of Filipino lives lost over the last five decades of the underground movement’s deadly history,” he added.

In Iloilo, meanwhile, police arrested Elmer Forro Sr., 52, general secretary of Bayan Muna Panay on Tuesday at 4 a.m. at Sitio Bangko, Barangay Lutac in Cabatuan town. Forro was the subject of arrest warrants issued by Judge Gemalyn Faunillo Tarol of Branch 76 of the Regional Trial Court in Janiuay, Iloilo, for murder and attempted murder.

Forro was the subject of arrest warrants issued by Judge Gemalyn Faunillo Tarol of the RTC, Branch 76 of Janiuay, Iloilo, for murder and attempted murder.

In Davao de Oro, the army swore to have Eric Jun Casilao, whom it said was the only remaining high-ranking leader of the CPP-NPA in southern Mindanao.

Casilao, after 1001st Infantry Brigade Commander, Brig. General Jesus Durante, is the secretary of the Southern Mindanao Regional Committee and carries a bounty for his neutralization.


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