CPM organization report cites leadership lapses

The CPM organizational report due to be presented to the party congress which starts in Kerala on Wednesday reportedly listed a series of shortcomings on the part of the party leadership.

According to sources, the report cites that the party leadership could not ensure that mass agitations were carried out in various states. The leaders’ call for various campaigns on national issues has not been followed by many states. A proper review of the functioning of BP members, as well as party committees, was not underway. He was also accused of growing parliamentary desires among party cadres.

The report also says the party has suffered major setbacks in its strongholds like West Bengal and Tripura due to flaws in political strategies. The report also highlights the victory of the party in the Kerala Assembly elections and cites the alternative approach against the policies of the center and the effective handling of calamity and pandemic situations by providing relief to the broad sections of society , which were attributed as decision-making factors to retain power.

The organizational report also pointed out that the party had the worst electoral performance ever in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as it could only win three seats and the vote share was only 1.77 percent. . The result confirmed the decline of the party’s mass base and influence.

Meanwhile, sources said there was general consensus among the party leadership to give Sitaram Yechury a third term as party general secretary. While leaders over the age of 75 would be eliminated from political office, an exemption is expected to be given to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

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