US to ban new investment in Russia under new round of sanctions

VOlodymyr Zelensky was skeptical when he picked up the phone. On the other end of the line, Kim Jong-un told him that he was sending Vladmir Putin to help him get out of kyiv.

Kind of.

A Kim impersonator has revealed the incredible story of how he turned to a fake Putin to help a Zelensky lookalike escape war-torn Ukraine.

Howard X, an Australian who makes a living posing as the North Korean dictator, told ABC how he led some kind of international effort to rescue Umid Isabaev, a Zelensky impersonator.

Mr Isabaev, originally from Uzbekistan, was living in Ukraine after a picture of him sleeping on a Russian train went viral. He was scouted by the producers of Servant of the People, which starred the Ukrainian president, and appeared on the show as a Mr Zelensky lookalike.

Mr X, who lives in Hong Kong, said he became aware of Mr Isabaev when the couple appeared together in a Russian documentary about copycats around the world. Fake Mr. Kim said that when Russia invaded Ukraine, he called Mr. Isabaev to check on him.

“I called and he happened to be in Kyiv. I said, ‘What are you doing? You have to get out of there,'” MX said.

Mr. X then turned to a peer impersonator for help: a Pole, Steve Poland, who is the spitting image of Vladimir Putin.

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