How Russian military leadership was decapitated thanks to US intelligence

Senior US officials said US intelligence on Russian military units enabled the Ukrainians to target and kill many Russian generals who died during the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials said they killed 12 Russian generals on the front lines, a number far higher than expected by many military experts.

US intelligence includes planned Russian military movements and targeting data, The New York Times reported Wednesday, citing senior US officials. This is part of a concerted effort by US President Joe Biden’s administration to provide Ukraine with real-time military intelligence for the fight against the Russians, including Moscow’s attempt to take the eastern Donbass region, the current front line of the war.

Washington also provided the location and other details to help the Ukrainian military track the mobile Russian military headquarters. The headquarters changed location several times as Russia attempted to regroup in the east after failing in its mission to capture the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. U.S. officials would not tell Time how this information was acquired for fear of revealing their collection methods and endangering their sources. The report says classified and commercial satellites were among the sources.

Senior US officials have said that US intelligence on Russian military units allowed Ukraine to target and kill many Russian generals who died during the war against Ukraine. Ukrainian soldiers sit on an armored military vehicle in the city of Severodonetsk in Ukraine on April 7, 2022.
Fadel Senna/AFP/Getty

Ukraine combined US whistleblowers with its own intelligence to carry out artillery strikes and other attacks that killed Russian generals, the newspaper reported.

US officials did not give the exact number of Russian generals killed as a result of US intelligence, but said attacks on the generals were facilitated by the intelligence.

However, a strike against General Valery Gerasimov reported on May 1 was not helped by US intelligence, according to several US officials. Gerasimov, the highest Russian casualty to date, was reportedly airlifted from Izyum near Kharkiv after being injured by shrapnel.

Washington also shared intelligence with kyiv before the war began, about Russia’s intention to invade its neighbor.

Asked by the Time about the intelligence passed to the Ukrainians, Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby declined to reveal details, but said the United States had provided “information and intelligence to Ukraine that they can use to defend themselves”.

Newsweek contacted the foreign ministries of Russia and Ukraine for comment.

In addition to providing intelligence, the United States was one of Ukraine’s closest allies during the war, supplying the Eastern European country with huge amounts of weapons and billions dollars in military aid.

On April 28, Biden sent a request to Congress for a new $33 billion aid package for Ukraine and proposed legislation that would allow the United States to seize the assets of Russian oligarchs and crack down on circumvention. Sanctions.

The Kremlin has often claimed that Russia is engaged in a proxy war with the US-led West, including NATO.

On Wednesday evening, Russia decided to bomb Ukrainian supply lines, including railway stations bringing in reinforcements from Western allies.

The European Union, for its part, is considering toughening sanctions against Moscow, in particular by banning Russian oil exports.

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