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Three members of Presentation High School’s Class of 2022 were recognized for their service to the community as well as their intellectual and personal achievements.

Cambrian area resident Hannah Gabudao won the Presentation Leadership Award.

“This award is not given every year,” said staff member Maureen Keller. “It is only awarded when a worthy student emerges.”

Gabudao is not new to leadership. At Saint Mary’s Middle School in Los Gatos, she was the eighth-grade student body president. Throughout high school, she held leadership positions and served as Presentation’s associate student body president during her junior and senior years. Her job was to lead spiritual gatherings, organize open houses, and organize events for freshmen and families.

Gabudao’s most important task has been organizing Presentation’s annual food and toy drive for Sacred Heart Community Service in downtown San Jose, which begins a few months before the holiday season.

Two other senior graduates received the Nano Nagle award, named after the founder of Presentation.

Ximena Garcidueñas Salcedo joined Willow Glen Private High School’s fledgling Latin X Club and took on a leadership role involving outreach and communication with teachers. The club organized the first-ever celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe at the school. Since then, the celebration has become a major annual event.

Salcedo’s favorite subjects are choir and French. Other accolades she received during the presentation included the Ella Fitzgerald Performing Arts Award, the French and English Biliteracy Seal.

“I’m actually trilingual, as I speak Spanish at home,” she said.

Salcedo has volunteered at Our City Forest, planting trees in San Jose, and will major in environmental engineering in college.

Anna Tips is the other winner of the Nano Nagle Award. In addition to serving on student council for all four years of high school, she led retreats for students as part of campus ministry.

“Anyone can join the ministry, regardless of faith,” Tips said. “It’s really a personal journey.”

Active in sports, Tips was on the football team throughout high school and captained the varsity football team in his senior year.

“Extracurricular and college activities force you to manage your time,” Tips said. “The school provides useful technology for this.”

Like Gabudao, Tips was active in the annual campaigns to benefit Sacred Heart community service.

Community service is a key principle at Presentation, a principle put into practice by the founder of Presentation.

Born into a wealthy family in Ireland in 1718, Nagle was educated in France, where she later entered a religious order. Eventually, she returned to her native land and devoted her time to teaching destitute children and providing food and medicine to the infirm. She founded the first Presentation Convent in Cork, Ireland in 1775.

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