Nigel Farage blasts Prince Harry after UN speech for ‘never working a day in his life’ | royal | New

The GB NEWS host slammed the prince after his speech at the UN in honor of Nelson Mandela UN Day. During the speech, Prince Harry spoke of the “assault” facing democracy and freedom and spoke of his love for the African continent.

However, Mr Farage did not appreciate the prince’s comments about poverty on the continent.

Speaking on GB News, he said: “Just to top it off, in an empty room at the UN, I’m happy to say that Prince Harry spoke about poverty in Africa.

“A man who has never had to do a day’s work in his life, who has a private jet, who has a big lead from Netflix.

“And now he is [speaking about] poverty in Africa, isn’t it wonderful.”

Seconds earlier, the commentator lashed out at the Duke of Sussex’s comments about democracy under attack.

He said: “God only knows why they invited him [to the UN].

“He spoke, he looked at the United States Supreme Court decision to make abortion rights something decided at the state level and by voters rather than being part of the federal law.

“And he talked about the attack on democracy around the world, which I think he and his wife point to any candidate they don’t like or support.”

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The speech comes as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem to be getting deeper into politics.

There have even been rumors that Meghan Markle is considering a presidential election in the United States.

US President Joe Biden’s sister Valerie Biden Owens said the Democratic Party would “welcome” him on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

She said, “It’s great to have women in politics, the more women we have, the better our democratic system will work.”

“We embrace all women and welcome her to join the Democratic Party.”

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