New Leaders Called in 8 New Stakes—New Caledonia to Germany – Church News and Events

The following new stake presidents have been called.

FRIEDRICHSDORF GERMANY PARTICIPATION: (June 12, 2022) President — Bjorn Christoph Tiebing, 55, business owner and CEO; succeeding Mark-René Marth; wife, Silke Grünewälder Tiebing. Advisors — Joshua Steven Konietz, 36, JSP International GmbH Regional Sales Manager Northern Europe; wife, Janina Veit Konietz. Daniel Kopischke, 34, communications specialist for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; wife, Marisa Anneli Fingerle Kopischke.

PARTICIPATION GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA: (June 5, 2022) President — Adam Tyler Smith, 55, Sales Director of Southern Cross Water; succeeding Daniel J. Shine; wife, Amber Georgette Lisa Prigoone Smith. Advisors — John Arthur Blair, 66, Chief Financial Officer of the City of Gold Coast; wife, Bronwyn Louise Kitchin Blair. Kaufana Fieilo Taulepa, 47 years old, business manager; wife, Arina Audrey Teuteufo’ou Hikule’o ​​Davies Taulepa.

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR PUERTO NUEVO GAME: (May 29, 2022) President — Elison Francisco Tejada Betemith, 51, independent technical support; succeeding Mario R. Olvera Tomalá; wife, Ericka Yadira Tejada. Advisors — Adrian Arturo Cedeño Olvera, 31, family support technician at Coopi Cooperazione Internazionale; wife, Angie Dayana Villamar Gavilanes. Emilio Javier Moran Moreira, 50 years old, independent manager; wife, Laura Sabrina de Moran Villacis.

LAYTON UTAH NORTH STAKE: (June 5, 2022) President — Michael JensenChristensen, 55, Commissioner of Church Education Budgets and Director of Administration; succeeding Fred K. Wasden; wife, Annette Jane Pholi-Smith Christensen. Advisors — mark stephen johnson, 53, owner and partner of Fortress Asset Management; wife, Toni Allen Johnson. Terris Everitt Foust Jr., 59, president of the Senior Charity Care Foundation and national consultant for the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management; wife, Elizabeth Hope Bassett Foust.

MESA ARIZONA FLATIRON PILE: (June 12, 2022) President — Gregory Ryan Knight, 54, lawyer; succeeding Bradley E. Larson; wife, Jenet Perkinson Knight. Advisors — Daniel William Zimmerman, 64, sales representative for Epicurean Foods distribution; wife, Rita Kay Randall Zimmerman. Carl Wray Squires, 41, owner and pilot of Southwest Heliservices LLC; wife, Rebecca Hutzler Squires.

PARTICIPATION OF NOUMEA NEW CALEDONIA: (April 24, 2022) Chairman — Jean-Olivier Brahim Smatti, 44, associate professor at the National Education Department in economics, management and marketing; succeeding Georgie E. Guidi; wife, Cathy Andrée Brigitte Samez Smatti. Advisors — Didier Daniel Solange Moriniere, 48 years old, carpenter; wife, Sonia Vu Van Binh Morinière. Heimana Yannick Tama, 41, head of the Calédonienne des Eaux group; wife, Stephanie Penehata Tama.

SILVER SPRING MARYLAND PILE: (June 5, 2022) President — Grant Henrichsen Willis, 46, associate of Jones Day; succeeding Eric Baxter; wife, Jennifer Anne Kelly Willis. Advisors — William Mills Killingsworth Fullmer, 53, chiropractor with Life Chiropractic Clinics; wife, Marlisa Mangelson Fullmer. Michel-William Stratton, 45, senior software engineer at Nyla Technology Solutions; wife, Heather Amanda Macbeth Stratton.

WEST JORDAN UTAH BINGHAM CREEK STAKE: (June 19, 2022) President — Marvin Brook Nipko, 53 years old, independent real estate expert; succeeding Scott F. Blake; wife, Amy Dawn Cragun Nipko. Advisors — Joseph-Richard Room, 61, business director of Brigham Young University; wife, Annette LaVinia Mitchell Hall. Abel WeenigThompson, 48, Manager of Update Services at Sierra-Cedar; wife, Sheri Lynn Snow Thompson.

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