Wrong answer for stall auction at Bandra Fair in Mount Mary

BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) received a poor response to the auction it held for the first 20 stalls near Mount Mary Church. According to Vinayak Vispute, Deputy Municipal Commissioner (AMC) of H West Ward, only 10 stalls have been auctioned so far and Rs. 1 lakh 1 thousand is the highest bid received for a stall. In addition to the first 20 stands, BMC also issued a tender for the remaining 400 stands.

The auction of these stalls will take place on Thursday, August 8. Vispute further stated that “we will also auction the remaining 10 stalls which are near the church as well as the other 400 stalls”.

Vispute said: “We had a meeting with the church leadership, the local MP, the deputy, the DCP zone 09 and the fire department for the proper management of the fair. We have planned to install 80 cameras of CCTV in the area. We are also repairing roads and filling potholes. We will also install booths for coordination between the BMC and the police. Because thousands of people will visit the fair, CCTV provisions will also be “People will be deployed to lift the rubbish. Water tanks will also be there for the fire brigade and for drinking purposes.”

The government led by Eknath Shinde has lifted all COVID-19 related restrictions on the celebration of festivals. After Dahihandi, Ganesh festival is celebrated enthusiastically in Maharashtra. The Mount Mary Fair, also known as the Bandra Fair, will be celebrated from September 11 to 18 in Bandra.

During the fair, many stalls will be erected around Mount Mary Church. BMC has posted an announcement and is calling for interested bidders to participate in the booth bidding process. Like every year, BMC also opened the auction for the first 20 nearest stalls. This year, BMC has increased its base price from 84,000 to 97,000.

In the past, many bidders had even bid up to Rs. 125,000 to secure a stand in the top 20. This year, the festival will be celebrated on the second Sunday of September. The Mount Mary Festival has over 100 years of tradition. This fair is attended by people of all faiths, not just Christians. The fair has a great attraction among the Mumbaikars.

The Mount Mary Fair has also been referred to as the ‘Bandra Fair’. Every year, 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh devotees visit the Bandra Fair every day. Therefore, there is competition among people to erect stalls in the area. It was noticed that around 430 stalls of candles, flowers, food, toys and artificial jewelry are set up during the fair. There are High Court guidelines for stalls.

As a result, the BMC kept 260 stalls for local residents and allowed outsiders to bid on the remaining stalls. The auctions generate over 30 lakhs of revenue for BMC every year. In 2019, BMC kept 84,000 as the base price for the first 20 nearest stands. But this year, that base price has gone up. For the first 20 stalls, BMC will now charge Rs. 97,437 per stall. Only religious books and other religious materials are sold in these stalls. Likewise, BMC has increased its base price from 1800 to 2250 this year for the remaining 400 stalls.

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