Youngkin is campaigning in NV today for a virulently anti-LGBTQ far-right church candidate who teaches that legal abortions reflect ‘the same mentality that led to Hitler’s atrocities’

For more on who Glenn Youngkin will campaign for today… see Politico Reports Youngkin Will Campaign for Hard-Right Nevada Gov Candidate Who’s 100% Anti-Abortion, Anti-‘Red Flag Laws’, Pro-‘Don ‘t-Say-‘ Gay Laws, Anti-Immigrants, Etc. Some “highlights” include:

  • Lombardo has bought a lot of far-right stuff, including on elections (although he’s not a total 2020 election denier, he supports an end to universal mail-in voting), guns (he s ‘opposes red flag laws, any restrictions on “phantom guns” or high capacity magazines), so-called “sanctuary cities” and undocumented immigrants (apparently including the vast majority of non-violent people),” defunding the police” (which is a straw man, since Democrats don’t in any way /shape/shape support that), abortion (he’s 100% “pro-life”), taxes, l LGBTQ equality (he reportedly supports DeSantis-style “Don’t Say Gay” laws), etc.
  • To get a sense of this guy’s attitude, his statement that he wants to keep Nevada “free from Antifa.” Safe from anarchy. Safe from Socialism” sums it up pretty well. So… yeah, that’s the guy Youngkin is going to campaign for. This is VERY revealing!
  • Also see below a screenshot of the headline “Lombardo set to campaign in anti-gay church“. This article reports: “Lombardo’s campaign announced Monday that he will be at Liberty Baptist Church Thursday morning alongside Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin” and that “Dave Teis, founder and senior pastor of the church, said during from a service in December 2018 that homosexuality is a ‘demoralizing, degrading, dirty and horrible sin’.” Also: “The church is affiliated with First Choice Pregnancy Services, an emergency pregnancy center that opposes to abortion, including in cases of rape. and “A manual included in the curriculum for 11th graders called Management of life under God includes a passage asserting that legal abortions “can lead to other evils such as euthanasia” and shares “the same mentality that led to Hitler’s atrocities”. ”

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