Shawn Fair names another powerful speaker: Dr. Cheryl Burton is about to take the stage

Shawn Fair’s Circle of Power Speakers has long grabbed headlines, with their leadership tour empowering hundreds of thousands of lives not just across the country but around the world. The latest addition to Shawn Fair’s roster is another powerful speaker, Dr. Cheryl Burton. Ready to take over the leading event and stage for motivational speakers in the United States, Europe and Canada, Dr. Cheryl aims to make an impact by sharing her life and amplifying her passion and fascination for human behavior and how to understand it could lead one to discover their purpose.

Bold, adventurous and curious by nature, Dr. Cheryl has always had a reputation as that kid who asked a lot of “whys”. Her fascination with the things around her, especially how people behave and connect with others, led her to where she is today. Dr. Cheryl believes that everyone has a purpose and every action has a reason. Her beliefs have allowed her to think beyond what can be seen and to explore horizons beyond the obvious.

Over the years, she has used her innate gifts to connect with others as a coach, helping people, especially women, through life transitions and equipping them with the tools for personal empowerment. Her professional life has been dedicated to helping others overcome their self-limiting beliefs and inspiring others to find their “why”, seek meaning in their lives, and experience their best by having the right answers. .

Dr. Cheryl has created a Dream Lab that empowers people to explore, develop, and achieve dreams. Additionally, his methods have helped countless people improve and repair their relationships with others.

“My background as a clinician and coach gives me a unique perspective and resources that I draw on to serve others. The cultural competency training and lived experiences as an Afro-Caribbean-Panamanian, raised in a country formerly occupied by the U.S. government, allow me to appreciate, serve, and navigate well within diverse cultures,” said proudly shared Dr. Cheryl.

With nearly five decades of experience, Dr. Cheryl has helped change the lives of many, and her passion for understanding the many facets of human behavior has allowed her to inspire and empower others.

“My over 40 years of experience providing international life-changing services and the testimonials of past clients have inspired me to create my own brand,” she said. “I have been honored to be a part of clients’ transformational life journeys during my career as a school social worker, psychotherapist, coach and trainer. Not only have my clients grown, but I have also grown through my experiences with them,” added the visionary.

Over the next five years, Dr. Cheryl aims to engage in more international motivational speaking events, noting that being part of the Shawn Fair Leadership Tour is another milestone in her mission to empower people. women and girls all over the world. Additionally, Dr. Cheryl wants her motivational talks to spark enough change to empower women across generations, through her innovative intergenerational retreats. Truly, Dr. Cheryl is an authority and thought leader who is a great addition to Shawn Fair’s circle of brilliant minds, all determined to leave lasting change by sharing their expertise and experiences on stage.

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