Paul Doak: Boyer would provide ‘the leadership we need’ as District 87 representative

As a small business owner, David Boyer is well aware of the difficulty of managing inventory and the general costs of doing business while ensuring compliance with government regulations.

A principled conservative, he has long fought for responsible taxation, cutting wasteful spending and eliminating cumbersome red tape.

Attentive and judicious, I knew David who carefully considered all sides, listening much more than he spoke. He has the courage of his convictions, strong values ​​and an open mind to new ideas and new information.

Additionally, his bipartisan work outside the Legislature led to monumental change in Maine, change that politicians did not believe was possible but Maineans supported at the ballot box.

This is exactly the kind of leadership we need at Augusta, especially in these polarized times where nothing concrete seems to be happening. That’s why on November 8, I will be voting for David Boyer as state representative.

Paul Doak, Poland

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