Midlands soldier receives General MacArthur leadership award at Pentagon, wins pilot honor

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (WOLO) —

The General MacArthur Leadership Award was presented to 28 Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard officers at the Pentagon last week.

One of these soldiers is from here in the Midlands.

Army National Guard Capt. Joshua Blizzard received the prestigious award for displaying ideals of duty, honor and country.

The award also recognizes soldiers who demonstrate influence, leadership and a strong commitment to the Army values ​​embodied by General MacArthur.

“As an officer in our nation’s military, I believe I owe it to the people I serve to actually live these values. So it’s a confirmation of what I’ve been hoping to do all this time – it was really awesome,” says Captain Blizzard.

Last weekend, Captain Blizzard and five other Army pilots attended the “Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course” at Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona.

Captain Blizzard is now the first Army National Guard Grade O Commission officer to complete training and become an Arms Officer.

He has been in the military for 20 years now and has always had a love of flying.

“Some of my friends, their dad, flew the AH-64 Apache helicopter and kind of talked to them about what it was like to serve, so I enlisted in 2002 and I’ve loved it ever since,” he said.

Captain Blizzard contributes to its success through his wife Autumn and children Teagan and Sawyer.

Going forward, he will share what he learned in Arizona with other pilots. He will also take command of an aircraft maintenance company from next week.

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