A matter of time before Russia withdraws from Ukraine, says former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson | Latest India News

New Delhi: Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday it was only a matter of time before Russian President Vladimir Putin was forced to withdraw from Ukraine, although the “catastrophic” invasion “significantly strengthens China” and has security implications across the Indo-Pacific region.

Johnson made what he called “three confident predictions” during his address to the Hindustan Times leadership summit: “Putin will lose”; Russia’s defense exports will be severely affected around the world due to the poor performance of its armaments in Ukraine; and “this disastrous miscalculation by Putin will seriously weaken Russia and greatly strengthen China.”

There is no deal that the Ukrainians, who drove the Russian invaders out of the Kharkiv and Kherson regions, “can’t or should make” with Russia, said Johnson, who played a key role in providing a military and diplomatic support to Ukraine during his tenure as Prime Minister. Putin will “justifiably” lose because of “simple heroism and love for the homeland of the Ukrainian people”, he added.

Russian exports of military equipment will be affected as the Ukraine campaign is “disastrous publicity for Putin’s war machine”, Johnson said, noting that 60% of Russia’s precision-guided missiles had been found to be misfires as his tanks were “exploded”. like cookie jars. He added that Russian fighter jets still did not control Ukrainian airspace, although Moscow had earlier claimed that this would be achieved within hours of the invasion launching.

“Across Asia, this disastrous miscalculation by Putin will seriously weaken Russia and greatly strengthen China,” he said, adding that the effects were already visible in Kazakhstan and parts of the former Soviet Union.

“The bear looks increasingly moth-eaten and desperate and pushed by a giant kung fu panda,” Johnson said. Claiming that Putin only consulted Chinese President Xi Jinping before launching the invasion in February, he said: “Increasingly, you can see that he [Putin] is Xi Jinping’s punk.

The end goal in Ukraine must be Putin’s withdrawal to “pre-February 24 borders”, Johnson said, adding that he saw no risk of Russia using nuclear weapons.

“I think he was [Putin] to use weapons of mass destruction, Russia would tender its immediate resignation from the club of civilized nations. It will be a disaster for Russia, I think it would immediately lose the support of swing voters around the world, and I have to say that I include India as perhaps the most important of those swing voters – the people who are willing to cut him some slack on this thing,” he said.

“I think he would lose the patronage of the Chinese, I think he would terrify the Russian people about the possible implications for them and he would put Russia in a… cryogenic ecological isolation from which it would be very difficult to recover.”

Johnson brushed aside a suggestion that European countries could have done more to assuage Putin’s NATO-related security concerns and said Russia’s concerns in this regard were “absurdity and absolute rubbish”. He added: “There was no chance of Ukraine joining NATO, there was never a NATO missile project in Ukraine.

Putin thought Ukraine was not a ‘real country’ and that Russian forces would be ‘garlanded by a grateful Ukrainian population’, but he was ‘deluded and simply did not understand that Ukraine is today’ now a free, independent and sovereign European nation,” he added. said.

“All he’s done with his invasion is to entrench that nationalism and escalate it…and that’s why he’s going to lose because he’s fighting something that’s fundamentally invincible,” he said. Johnson added. “In a way he has already lost and it is only a matter of time before he is forced to withdraw not just from Kherson but everywhere.”

The UK, Johnson said, will continue to support Ukraine economically, politically and militarily until the people have “taken back their country” and “can say they have a free, sovereign and independent Ukraine”. He said the world community need not worry about how Putin is handling his eventual defeat because “he is a master propagandist” who seems to be able to persuade the Russian people that black is white.

“He will be able to claim that he vaporized the so-called Nazis in Ukraine like the culmination of Raiders of the Lost Ark or whatever, protected Russian language and culture, and achieved the goals of his special military operation. is not our problem, it is for him, and the Russian people will swallow it,” he said.

However, the conflict in Ukraine has already led to strains and tensions in the Indo-Pacific, including concerns about what “could happen in Taiwan and the South China Sea” and it is vital that democracies such that India and the United Kingdom work together for their collective security. and stability, he added.

Johnson stressed the need for a sense of proportion and balance in handling relations with China – “a giant fact of our lives” – since the UK and India have massive trade relations with the country. “We have to work with China, we have to try to embrace China and engage…but we also have to be very careful.”

The UK learned a ‘very difficult lesson’ after allowing China to invest in critical national infrastructure such as civilian nuclear facilities and 5G, then concluding it was a ‘risk we could not take “, did he declare. India and the UK will also need to recognize China’s impact, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region, where it will “grow and grow”, he warned.

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