Church of the Resurrection

Dear Resurrection Family,For those of you who live in Kansas City, what a breath of winter this week! But by Sunday, we'll be back to 61 degrees! LaVon and I went on vacation last Friday and enjoyed the week. In addition to playing and…

Leading in a changing world

Today the world is changing faster than we can comprehend. We live in a time when the truths of the old world order are disappearing. Australia must chart a course in the new multipolar world order in which democracies are under threat…

In memory: Victor A. Baez

Victor A. Baez, 81, of Ft. Collins, passed away peacefully on February 4, with his family by his side. Husband of Bruni, father of Natasha (and the late Brent Huppert), MariCarmen (Freddy) Vilanova, Uti de Federico, Sébastien, Juan…

BC Liberal leadership race – at least there are no cats involved

Breadcrumb Links Chroniclers The BC Liberals have complained that their leadership race is not getting much attention. Now they get the kind of cover that no party wants (Left to right) Val…				</div>
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