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Being an entrepreneur is a dream for many, and there is no doubt that it can be huge freedom to be the master of your own house. However, there are a lot of special issues you have as an entrepreneur or self-employed, which you do not have as an employee.

One of the challenges you have is getting your good idea financed. There are many who just start up with a computer and a lot of go-ahead, but in many industries, there needs to be an investment to get started at all.

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You can, of course, turn to your bank, and if you have a healthy economy, it can still be possible to get a loan as an entrepreneur. However, it often requires that you can provide some form of guarantee, and for instance that you are personally liable for the debt. But if the smaller amount you have to borrow, this can often be a very good solution. However, you must be aware that it will often be at a high interest rate, similar to a consumer loan.

Be aware that you are personally liable for bank loans if your company is set up as a company

If you need money to finance the daily operations during the start-up process, it can often be dealt with a cash credit. But here it is also important that you usually provide some security, and interest rates will not be less because it is a cash credit.

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Get Started Loans for Entrepreneurs

As a special initiative to increase the opportunities for entrepreneurs to take out loans, the state has established special start-up loans, which are offered in cooperation between Vender and a number of banks.

With a start-up loan, an entrepreneur can borrow up to DKK 1,000,000. The state then provides a guarantee of 75% of the loan amount.

To become eligible for the special get started loans for entrepreneurs, one must meet a number of requirements. Some of these are:

  • The company must be a maximum of 3 years old
  • The loan must be used in the company
  • The money cannot be used to repay other debts
  • No loans are granted for agriculture, transport, fishing, and shipbuilding

What should be taken care of as an entrepreneur?

It is often a requirement to obtain a loan that initiates a form of security or is personally liable for the debt. If it then goes wrong against all expectations, you can therefore with a considerable debt that you have to pay privately.

If one’s company is set up as a company, for example, a private limited company, the banks will often demand the personal liability. It is so that you as an owner of a company do not have to pay anything if the company goes bankrupt – Unless you have the personal liability of the debt.

Are there alternatives to borrowing money?

Before you even get so far that you need to borrow money, it may be a good idea to contact your local business or greenhouse. Here you can both get free advice and, not least, another view of your project. There are a wide variety of schemes that you can benefit from, from basic advice to new entrepreneurs, to advanced growth programs, where you can get free advice for a lot of money.

Another alternative to borrowing money is, of course, to wait until the operation can pay off new investments, if practicable. However, it is often a rather long-term process, and if you can get a loan on good terms, it can often be a good idea to get started with your new business.

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