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Fast paperless loans are gaining great popularity and market share in the field of financial credit products. This importance, on the other hand, is due to the fact that their characteristics, some of which are already patent in the same name, make them very competitive.

For fast loans without papers we know about financial products characterized by, compared to the loans offered by traditional banks after the crisis of 2008, their advantageous conditions. The speed and the fact of not requiring paperwork are two characteristics that go together. In fact, the second depends on the first.

Therefore, below we will analyze why you are interested in loans that eliminate paperwork between your paperwork. Take note of what we are going to tell you, since this information will be very useful.

The origin of fast loans without papers

The origin of fast loans without papers

This type of loan exists since the Internet began to penetrate deeper into our society. Keep in mind that, until the staff felt safe enough to conduct online business operations, a few years passed. In a way, the key to achieving this trust was the good work of the alternative credit entities and their intermediaries. We demonstrated our honesty and that we had the appropriate technological means to operate reliably on the Internet.

Therefore, little by little, our introduction in this market of the loan has been growing qualitatively and quantitatively. Above all, with the intermediation with respect to the mini-loans, a class of loans characterized by the low amounts committed and the scarce procedures necessary to manage them. These financial products are, therefore, the direct antecedents of the loans that we are going to occupy in this text.

The intense advertising campaigns in some media, such as television, caused the popularity of these loans to grow, but it was the last economic crisis that we have experienced in our country that increased its impact. Remember that one of the causes of this crisis had to do with the high amount of loans that were not being returned.

As the banks were intervened and refloated by public institutions, they were asked for some consideration for this rescue. One of them was related to preventing the return of so many loans in the near future. So the risk departments of these entities were urged to tighten the loan approval conditions. This greater demand involved the fulfillment of a greater number of requirements, which were more severe.

The main one that was requested was the accreditation of a guarantee and a payroll, but it was also checked if the client was listed as inscribed in the census of defaulters of ASNEF and RAI. And, as some of the life-long clients of bank branches did not meet these requirements or were not in a position to meet them within the time period in which they required the money, they began to seek financing through other channels.

Alternative credit entities and their intermediaries, such as ours, have proven to be ideal options to find that financing that, in some cases, has been denied in conventional banks. And its concession has not implied, on the other hand, a failure to present guarantees. But, for example, demonstrating a regular income, without it having been necessary for these to materialize in a payroll (loans without payroll), has been sufficient in this aspect. There is no doubt that there are regular incomes that can exceed the amount of a payroll. Without going any further, the payroll is not, precisely, the usual means of payment of the self-employed.

Quick loans without papers save you time and money

Quick loans without papers save you time and money

Apart from being able to evade some claims of too strict guarantees, the fact of being able to carry out the relevant procedures through Internet has been key for the massive election of this kind of loans.

It was a modernization claimed by certain customers of the banks for some years. In modern times, it is appropriate to take advantage of modern data connection technologies to streamline the processes of loans. If requesting fewer guarantees already facilitated them, operating via the Internet still meant greater comfort.

The procedures related to photocopying and delivering documents containing personal and banking data were finished. Not needing this physical documentation saved you the time and money you invested in getting it and transporting it. Not only do you avoid the queues in the bank branches, but also, you will not have to be aware of the limited opening hours of the banks’ offices. You will not, therefore, have to square the agenda with this office hours, which, apart from that, is usually only in the mornings.

On the contrary, you can manage the loan request and the rest of the process from the comfort of your own home. At the time that comes to you best and through a system that is going to make things very easy for you. You just have to create an account on our website and enter it using your password. Once inside it, access our loan simulator and select both the amount of the loan you require and the period of time in which you agree to return it. In this way, the fees that you will have to contribute will also be generated.

And the most important thing is that it will not only cost you little to carry out these procedures, but you will also verify the speed with which the money will arrive. Not in vain, you need it urgently. It provides the personal and banking information that we ask for and, in a matter of hours, you will have an answer about the approval of the operation. Once the loan is granted, the arrival of the money to your account will occur in a few minutes.

As advice, use these funds, basically, in urgent installments (prompt payment of a penalty with late payment interest, investments to open a business, temporary reduction of a product or service …) and you will not fall into over-indebtedness.

In short, fast loans without papers not only give you the money you need urgently, but, apart, they provide you with great comfort.

Why do customers prefer fast loans without paperwork?

Why do customers prefer fast loans without paperwork?

As we have advanced you, when the long-time customers of conventional banks began to encounter greater problems in accessing the financing they needed, there was a parallel boom in fast loans without paperwork.

It is about financial products that, in general, offered more satisfactory conditions to entrepreneurs: less requirements, lighter procedures … In this text we are particularly interested in focusing on the second of the advantages that we have mentioned. We refer to the comforts associated, above all, to be able to manage via Internet all the operations that have to end in the granting of the loan.

And, in this sense, one of the benefits associated with being able to carry out online all the procedures associated with a loan agreement is that of not having to manage the typical paperwork with which we have always related these financial and legal transactions.

Undoubtedly, this is an advantage that is highly appreciated by the clientele, since it represents an obvious saving of time and money. Keep in mind that, to evaluate the granting or refusal of a loan, it is necessary to check certain documents, which must prove the ability of the applicant to return. Throughout the trajectory of traditional banks, these documents were delivered in physical format. In short, on paper.

What did it imply having to handle this paper documentation? In the first place, we have to point out that this was a circumstance that was hardly questioned. It was considered totally normal and a part not only inevitable, but also necessary, of all these loan evaluation processes. However, this procedure had negative consequences both for the evaluators of the risk departments of the banks and for the clients of these entities.

The perspective of banks and clients on fast loans without papers

On the one hand, the bank employees who had to handle these documents, despite their effort to organize themselves, were forced to work with huge amounts of paper. Accumulations of considerable leaves that ended up piling up in files that occupied too much space. And you can imagine that banks, like any other organization, have a limited storage capacity in their physical facilities.

On the other hand, customers want to avoid the loss of time it takes to get all these documents in physical format. Usually, they have to go to the stationery, where they will make the photocopies. And, logically, the realization of these copies has an economic cost. Also, when they have made the photocopies required, customers have to take them to the relevant bank branches. This management makes them lose even more time, since they have to carry the documents and deliver them to the offices of the banks that correspond to them. Apart from that they will have to stick to opening hours (usually, morning) that will not have to coincide with their free time work (we all know that it is rare to reach a bank branch and be served without having to do tail). The waiting in front of the attention windows can be especially long and exasperating, especially if you have just the right time among other activities to carry out the management in the bank.

The intermediaries as facilitators of the fast loans without paperwork and reliable

The one that we have commented to you previously, the easing of the procedures, is the most appreciated advantage of the disappearance of the paperwork in the processes of approval of the loans. At Astro Finance, as an intermediary entity that, to the best of our ability, we try to facilitate the agreements that make it possible to grant loans, we agree with this conclusion. In fact, we consider that it is one of the reasons why customers increasingly opt for online loans offered by alternative credit institutions. We emphasize, on the other hand, that we do not take care to lend the money, but to open avenues that allow contact and agreement between borrowers and lenders.

Undoubtedly, perform the procedures of the loans without including the use of paperwork has been a leap in quality in the world of financing. Not in vain, it has been revealed as a reason that is usually taken into account when analyzing the competitiveness of a credit institution. And, in this sense, Internet banking, in comparison with conventional banking, has an advantage.

But, in addition to comfort, we must take into account another reason why more and more people value, above other financial products, fast loans without paperwork and reliable. And you have to consider that saving on paper not only implies reducing costs, but it is also a positive consequence for nature. The less paper we use in these operations, the less deforestation will occur. It is a direct and logical conclusion of these new circumstances in the financial field. And, in this aspect, there are more and more customers aware of the respect for the environment. These profiles will appreciate this policy of eliminating the role, as far as possible, of the day to day of financial institutions. Therefore, this initiative associated with corporate social responsibility will also mean a positive distinction between the conditions offered in the loan market.

Know the documents that you will not have to submit physically in the quick loan without paperwork

Know the documents that you will not have to submit physically in the quick loan without paperwork

The saving of paper and paperwork in the presentation of the documentation that will serve to decide about the concession or denial of a loan does not imply that information that is going to be put in the hands of the risk assessment departments will be suppressed.

These data will continue to work in your hands. However, they will no longer have to be delivered in paper format. In what format will they be presented then? In digital format (attaching the requested files), which entails the convenience of being able to send them from home and without sticking to the typical limited opening hours of bank branches.

As for the specific documents that you will not have to provide on paper, we highlight the following. Write them down and, if you are going to request a quick loan without paperwork, do not forget to attach your digital files.

  • Regular income The working life, for example, is a document that you can attach to show that every month you receive a more or less fixed and important income, as well as to guarantee your ability to repay the loan you intend. When conventional banks received political pressures, in line with the increase in requirements for clients as one of the adjustment measures and in return for the rescue made from public institutions, the payroll became the main means to ensure the capacity of the applicant’s return. The guarantees, on the other hand, also acquired great importance. In the products with which the alternative credit entities work, you can provide a payroll, but also other documents that show that you have regular and sufficient sources of income to return the borrowed money.
  • The National Identity Document (DNI) , which you can scan front and back, serves, in addition to showing your identity, to testify that you are between 18 and 65 years old. Finding yourself between these thresholds of age means that you can be a candidate for the achievement of these financial products.
  • The current account number in which you have to receive the requested money can be credited by means of the attached bank document that associates it with your person and describes its main characteristics.

Other information that you have to enter

Finally, you have to remember that there are other data that, in order for the loan approval process to advance, you will have to register in the digital system. In addition to the money you want and the period in which you agree to return it and the simple personal and banking information that we have previously described, there are even simpler ones.

So simple that they do not even need to attach a digital file. We refer, for example, to the communication of a telephone number through which you can receive updated information (both through calls and in the form of SMS ) about the loan you have requested.

In short, fast loans without papers imply savings and convenience. Write down the simple procedures through which they become effective.

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